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07:05 24/07jewish pressTerror Attack at Israel’s Embassy Residence in Jordan
06:55 24/07arutz 7Trump Jr. adds new member to his legal team
06:45 24/07haaretzGuard at Israeli embassy in Jordan lightly wounded in stabbing; assailant killed
06:35 24/07times of israelIsraeli stabbed at embassy in Jordan, attacker shot dead
06:30 24/07haaretzWoman in northern Israel reports abuse to police, who then arrest her over an expired visa
06:25 24/07arutz 7Terror attack on Israeli embassy official in Jordan
06:20 24/07haaretzTemple Mount crisis: Israel attempting to separate religion and war
05:45 24/07arutz 7Teva to lay off 350 employees in Israel
05:40 24/07arutz 7Cabinet meeting ends without decisions
05:40 24/07times of israelRookie from New Jersey wins World Series of Poker, $8.1M
05:20 24/07arutz 7Congress to approve new sanctions on Russia and Iran
04:50 24/07arutz 7Jihadists overtake Syrian city of Idlib
04:45 24/07times of israelTrump’s son-in-law Kushner to testify on Hill — twice
04:25 24/07times of israelArab League to hold urgent meeting this week over Jerusalem tensions
04:15 24/07arutz 7Iran and Iraq to step up military cooperation
04:05 24/07jewish pressTemple Mount Peace Through Waqf Submission
04:00 24/07haaretzIsraeli journalist says Army Radio tried to spike investigative report into Sheldon Adelson
03:20 24/07arutz 7Greenblatt headed to Israel amid Jerusalem crisis
03:15 24/07arutz 7IDF helicopter makes emergency landing near Hevron
02:50 24/07arutz 7Trump: Republicans do very little to protect their President
02:50 24/07haaretzNetanyahu vs. the West
02:20 24/07times of israelTrump sends Greenblatt to Israel to defuse Temple Mount crisis
02:15 24/07jewish pressIDF Tank Fire Retaliates for Late-Night Gaza Rocket Attack
02:10 24/07jewish pressIDF Returns Tank Fire for Late-Night Gaza Rocket Attack on Southern Israel
02:10 24/07arutz 7IDF retaliates for rocket fire on Gaza
02:05 24/07times of israelLapid lauds residents of illegal outpost slated to be demolished
02:00 24/07haaretzA new generation of Palestinians leading Temple Mount protests
01:40 24/07times of israelIran, Iraq vow to boost military ties
01:35 24/07arutz 7Gaza rocket explodes in Eshkol Regional Council
01:25 24/07haaretzTrump envoy Jason Greenblatt to arrive in Israel on Monday in bid to de-escalate Temple Mount crisis
01:20 24/07times of israelArt exhibit with contested Auschwitz relics to go ahead
01:15 24/07arutz 7Kushner leading efforts to end Jerusalem crisis
00:50 24/07arutz 7Prime Minister of Georgia arrives in Israel
00:50 24/07haaretzRemove the metal detectors from the Temple Mount now
00:50 24/07times of israelJihadists take control of Syria’s rebel-held Idlib
00:35 24/07algemeinerJordanian Killed, 2 Wounded in Shooting at Israeli Embassy in Amman
00:25 24/07algemeinerJordanian Killed in Shooting at Israeli Embassy in Amman
00:25 24/07haaretzCourt orders embattled telecoms tycoon to keep away from Bezeq for two more months
00:20 24/07haaretzExplained: What sparked Temple Mount crisis and where do we go from here
00:20 24/07haaretzWhat makes the Temple Mount so holy? A brief history
00:15 24/07jerusalem onlinePreliminary investigation of Halamish attack raises difficult questions
00:05 24/07haaretzHigh Court strikes blow against Israel’s most powerful labor unions
00:00 24/07haaretzBlackstone Group in talks to buy 40% of Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group
23:55 23/07arutz 7Political-Security Cabinet meeting concludes
23:55 23/07times of israelIn Halamish, missed clues, lax security let terrorist in
23:50 23/07times of israelSecurity cabinet holds emergency meeting over escalating tensions
23:45 23/07arutz 7Arabs throw rocks during Binyamin riots
23:40 23/07haaretzIsraeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians in separate West Bank incidents
23:25 23/07jerusalem onlineMichal Salomon, who survived the Halamish attack, in a special interview with Channel 2 News
23:20 23/07jewish pressHours Before Friday Night Massacre, Fatah Encouraged ‘Escalation’ and ‘Rage’
23:20 23/07haaretzIsraeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians in the legs in separate incidents in West Bank
23:05 23/07arutz 7Criminally-related gunfire in Yafo
23:00 23/07arutz 7Slight warming trend will make things hot midweek
22:45 23/07jtaThousands attend funeral of three members of one family killed in Palestinian stabbing attack
22:45 23/07arutz 7Qalqilye-area rock attack wounds 2 Border Guards
22:40 23/07haaretzAs situation in Gaza deteriorates, UN hangs its hopes on private sector
22:40 23/07times of israelPalestinians injured in Jerusalem, West Bank clashes
22:35 23/07jewish pressRivlin Warns Terror, Violence Must Be Condemned and Stopped
22:35 23/07arutz 7Demonstration at Tayibe Bridge Junction
22:35 23/07haaretzDemocrats in Congress rethink anti-boycott bill in wake of ACLU warning
22:20 23/07jewish pressIn Jerusalem With Our Hearts in Modi’in
22:20 23/07arutz 7Southbound coastal road blocked at Gelilot Interchange
22:05 23/07jerusalem online23.07.17 Main newscast from Israel
22:05 23/07jewish pressHotovely Appeals for Global Pressure on Abbas to Stop Incitement Against Israel
22:00 23/07jerusalem onlineDrowned Israeli singer, dies at 41
21:55 23/07arutz 7Rightwing demonstration outside cabinet meeting
21:55 23/07times of israelRivlin says all lawmakers must condemn Halamish attack
21:55 23/07times of israelIn chockablock Qalqilya, expanding city means painful compromise
21:25 23/07arutz 7Smuggling of 18,000 eggs prevented
21:25 23/07times of israelThousands join funeral as victims of Halamish terror attack laid to rest
21:25 23/07times of israelArt exhibit with Auschwitz relics to go ahead
21:10 23/07arutz 7Southbound coastal highway reopened at Gelilot
20:50 23/07jpostCause and effect
20:45 23/07jpostThink About It: A field day for Bibi-watchers
20:40 23/07arutz 7Jerusalem: Moshe Dayan Boulevard reopened to traffic
20:35 23/07jtaThousands attend funeral of three members of a family killed in Palestinian stabbing attack
20:35 23/07arutz 7Teenage Arab attackers shot next to Tzofim
20:35 23/07times of israelIsrael briefly bars media from Jerusalem’s Old City
20:30 23/07jpostRight from Wrong: Holy terror, Turkish delight
20:25 23/07jerusalem onlineCruising Israel
20:20 23/07algemeinerGaza-Egypt Border to Open in August, Move Expected to Ease Electricity Crisis
20:20 23/07arutz 7PM: The pain is deep, but so are our roots in Israel
20:20 23/07times of israelFour soldiers arrested for shooting at house in Arab town
20:10 23/07algemeinerWhy Jews Everywhere Should Be Helping Egypt’s Christians
20:10 23/07jerusalem onlineWatch: Poland protests against an eroding democracy
20:10 23/07arutz 7Southbound coastal road blocked at Glilot Interchange
20:10 23/07arutz 7Report: Insufficient security in Samaria Jewish towns
20:05 23/07arutz 7PA media: Casualties in eastern Jerusalem clashes
20:00 23/07haaretzSixty headstones toppled at Connecticut Jewish cemetery
19:55 23/07algemeinerHalamish Community Builds New Outpost After Deadly Palestinian Terror Attack
19:55 23/07arutz 7PA Arab shot after failing to stop at checkpoint
19:55 23/07arutz 7US Christians to assist Ukraine Shoah survivors
19:55 23/07times of israelSinger Amir Fryszer Guttman dies at 41 after drowning incident
19:50 23/07jewish pressThousands Pay Respects to Salomon Family
19:45 23/07arutz 7Jerusalem: Moshe Dayan Bl blocked by fire
19:40 23/07arutz 7Report: Special callup for dozens of reservists
19:40 23/07times of israelUS Congress to vote on Russia sanctions, tying Trump’s hands
19:35 23/07algemeinerIran, Iraq Sign Agreement to Boost Military Cooperation
19:35 23/07jtaThousands attend funeral of three members of a family killed in a Palestinian stabbing attack
19:35 23/07arutz 7Student art project containing relics from Auschwitz to be shown
19:35 23/07times of israelPope calls for ‘moderation’ after deadly violence in Jerusalem, West Bank
19:30 23/07haaretzMeet Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the new face of the Trump administration
19:25 23/07algemeinerPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Freezes All Contact With Israel
19:25 23/07haaretzAbbas says freeze in ties with Israel includes security coordination
19:20 23/07algemeinerNetanyahu Says Halamish Terrorist Was ‘Incited by Wild Hatred’
19:20 23/07arutz 7MK Hazan demands: Suspend Ahmad Tibi as deputy speaker
19:15 23/07jerusalem onlineSalomon family members laid to rest
19:15 23/07times of israelThousands join funeral as victims of Halamish terror attack laid to rest
19:10 23/07algemeinerGrief and Defiance as Israel Lays 3 Members of Salomon Family, Murdered by Palestinian Terrorist, to Rest
19:05 23/07arutz 7Strongly condemn, stop acts of terrorism, violence
19:05 23/07arutz 7‘Wonder Woman II’ in the works, Warner Bros announces
19:05 23/07times of israelChief rabbi says Halamish terrorist should have been killed
19:00 23/07algemeinerWorld Council of Churches Endorses Palestinian Protests Over Temple Mount Security Measures
19:00 23/07haaretzIsraeli police officers: Decision to place metal detectors at Temple Mount was careless
19:00 23/07times of israelUK woman banned from daughter’s school over face veil
18:55 23/07jewish pressQalandiya Dealer Gets 4 Years in Prison for Selling Guns to Terrorists
18:50 23/07jtaPope Francis appeals for ‘moderation and dialogue’ over Temple Mount violence
18:45 23/07times of israelVictims of Halamish terror attack are laid to rest
18:40 23/07algemeinerTrump Blasts ‘Obstructionist’ Democrats, Complains About ‘Intelligence leaks’ in Twitter Tirade
18:40 23/07jtaStudent art project containing relics from Auschwitz will be exhibited
18:40 23/07arutz 7How do you console 5 children who have become orphans?
18:35 23/07algemeinerTrump Blats ‘Obstructionist’ Democrats, Complains About ‘Intelligence leaks’ in Twitter Tirade
18:35 23/07arutz 7Held for weapons for use against security forces
18:35 23/07haaretzAmid Russia probe: Russian ambassador to U.S. ends his term
18:30 23/07jewish pressMuslim-Arab Killed by Own Explosive Device as Jerusalem Riots Continue
18:30 23/07jewish pressMeretz Website Breached by Pro-Palestinian Hackers
18:30 23/07arutz 7How do you tell a 7-year-old her teacher was murdered?
18:30 23/07times of israel‘Wonder Woman II’ in the works, Warner Bros. announces
18:15 23/07algemeinerTurkish President Erdogan Resumes Incitement Against Israel Over Temple Mount Crisis
18:10 23/07haaretzThree Israelis murdered during Shabbat dinner laid to rest
18:05 23/07arutz 7High schoolers win at Mathematics and Physics Olympiads
18:05 23/07times of israelFor Fogels of Halamish, massacre carries terrible echoes of own 2011 tragedy
18:00 23/07times of israelAbbas confirms he halted security coordination, warns Israelis will ‘lose’
17:50 23/07times of israelIsrael open to returning bodies of Temple Mount attackers — report
17:45 23/07jewish pressLiberman Demands Death Penalty for Halamish Murderer
17:40 23/07jerusalem onlineWatch: House that builds itself in 10 minutes!
17:40 23/07jewish pressCalls For Death Penalty After Neve Tzuf Massacre
17:35 23/07arutz 7Labor dispute at Teva
17:25 23/07arutz 7Northbound 70 congested between Elyakim and Yokneam
17:25 23/07arutz 7Thousands at Salomon funeral
17:25 23/07times of israelSinger and director Amir Fryszer Guttman dies at 41
17:20 23/07jewish pressArab MKs Reject Cameras at Temple Mount
17:20 23/07times of israelSinger and director Amir Fryszer Guttman dies, at 41
17:15 23/07arutz 7Hotovely: Mistake to tie murder, Temple Mount security
17:00 23/07jerusalem onlineGrandfather who lost 5 in Itamar stabbing visits Salomon family in Halamish
17:00 23/07arutz 7Singer Amir Fryszher Guttman succumbs
17:00 23/07times of israelPope calls for ‘moderation’ after Jerusalem shrine violence
17:00 23/07times of israelTeva to reduce workforce in Israel, mainly in production
16:55 23/07jewish pressRegavim: Israeli Arabs Building Illegal Mega-Mansion on State Land
16:55 23/07arutz 7Jerusalem: Police rescue 5-year-old from transport
16:55 23/07times of israelDoctors say drowned singer has no chance of recovery
16:45 23/07arutz 7Terror-stricken community: The day after
16:40 23/07jta‘Wonder Woman II’ in the works, Warner Bros announces
16:40 23/07arutz 7Wounded in Highway 443 rock attack
16:35 23/07times of israelFour soldiers arrested for shooting at building in Arab town
16:30 23/07arutz 7Police prepared for funeral of Halamish victims
16:25 23/07arutz 7Muslims reject surveillance cameras installed at Temple Mount
16:20 23/07jewish pressFormer Senior Shin Bet Official: Take Down the Metal Detectors, Arrest More Instigators
16:20 23/07arutz 7Abbas adds security coordination to cutoff from Israel
16:20 23/07arutz 78 bodies found in human trafficking truck outside Walmart
16:15 23/07jerusalem onlinePope calls for ‘reconciliation and peace’ in Jerusalem
16:15 23/07times of israelEx-Gaza strongman says Hamas deal will open border
16:10 23/07arutz 7New outpost in memory of Halamish victims
16:00 23/07arutz 7Establishment of a national youth authority approved
15:55 23/07jtaMuslim worshippers reject surveillance cameras installed at Temple Mount
15:45 23/07haaretzAfter striking deal with Hamas, Abbas rival Mohammed Dahlan says Gaza-Egypt border to reopen
15:45 23/07times of israelBlackstone reportedly in talks to buy secretive Israeli spyware firm
15:40 23/07jerusalem onlineSan Antonio: 8 bodies, 30 people discovered in tractor-trailer
15:40 23/07times of israelHow do you say ‘terror’?
15:40 23/07times of israelIsraeli startups to vie for spot in China roadshow
15:35 23/07jewish pressLinda Sarsour and Her Media Allies
15:30 23/07jtaSettlement residents erect new outpost in memory of slain neighbors
15:30 23/07haaretzIsraeli decision makers once again ignored the warnings of bloodshed
15:25 23/07arutz 7Rambam Hospital: Amir Gutman death rumors incorrect
15:25 23/07times of israelAnother bloody Friday
15:20 23/07times of israelAuthorities prepare for 10,000 mourners at funeral of slain members of Salomon family
15:15 23/07arutz 74 pm funeral in Jerusalem for Yonatan Adler
15:15 23/07times of israelAlso residents of Halamish, Fogel family relives similar 2011 tragedy
15:10 23/07jerusalem online23.7.17 Morning newscast from Israel
15:10 23/07jtaRocket fired at southern Israel from Gaza
15:10 23/07arutz 7State to return bodies of Temple Mount terrorists
15:10 23/07times of israelAuthorities prepare for 10,000 mourners at funeral of slain Salomon family
15:05 23/07jerusalem onlineRocket from Gaza lands in Israel
15:05 23/07haaretzPharmaceutical giant Teva preparing to lay off hundreds of workers in Israel
15:00 23/07arutz 7Temple Mount totally silent on Sunday morning
14:55 23/07arutz 7Bride shows up at army base to see best friend
14:55 23/07times of israelAuthorities brace for 10,000 mourners at funeral of slain family
14:55 23/07times of israelA time for Jewish rage
14:50 23/07times of israelWork starts on new outpost outside Halamish after deadly terror attack
14:45 23/07jewish pressLieberman Demands Death Penalty for Halamish Murderer
14:40 23/07jerusalem onlineHalamish resident: “We want to feel safe”
14:40 23/07jtaAbbas cancels security coordination meetings between Israel and Palestinians
14:30 23/07arutz 7Ben-Dahan: Cut off contact with PA
14:30 23/07times of israelWaqf rejects all new security measures at Temple Mount
14:30 23/07times of israelArab League warns Israel ‘playing with fire’ over Temple Mount
14:30 23/07times of israelBacktracking, army says rocket from Gaza landed in Israel
14:20 23/07jta60 headstones toppled at Connecticut Jewish cemetery
14:20 23/07times of israelAs Temple Mount tensions persist, where’s Donald Trump?
14:15 23/07arutz 7Teva fires 350 workers from Israeli plants
14:10 23/07times of israelArab League says Israel ‘playing with fire’ at Temple Mount
14:00 23/07jewish pressThe Three Jewish-Arab conflicts
13:55 23/07jerusalem onlineEizenkot: IDF working to delay next war
13:55 23/07haaretzIDF chief of staff: Religious element distinguishes latest wave of terror in Israel
13:50 23/07arutz 7Government approves center for commemorating Jabotinsky
13:50 23/07haaretzMacron puts up a smoke screen before he targets France’s labor laws
13:45 23/07arutz 746 killed in 37 fatal accidents in June
13:40 23/07jewish pressNetanyahu Firm on Metal Detectors as Police Add Security Cameras on Temple Mount
13:30 23/07arutz 7Science Minister: Attack not due to metal detectors
13:30 23/07haaretzWhere Israel should strike when the next war with Hezbollah comes
13:20 23/07times of israelWith husband and in-laws being stabbed below, Michal Salomon rushed kids to safety
13:15 23/07jerusalem onlineHalamish hero recalls terror attack
13:15 23/07arutz 7IDF: Rocket from Gaza fell in open territory
13:00 23/07times of israelNetanyahu: Home of Halamish terrorist will soon be demolished
12:45 23/07arutz 7Court: Inbal Or must pay 20,500 NIS- or be jailed
12:40 23/07jewish pressMuslim Preacher Remanded on Incitement Charges
12:40 23/07arutz 7Two pedestrians injured in Bat Yam accident
12:30 23/07jerusalem onlineArab League: “Israel is playing with fire”
12:30 23/07arutz 7Rabbinical courts support High Court on child support
12:20 23/07arutz 7European Jewish Congress to EU:Condemn barbaric murders
12:10 23/07israel todayArabic Message For a Messianic Jew
12:10 23/07arutz 7Haim Fogel:Gruesome pictures brought it all back for us
12:10 23/07haaretzAssad regime strikes near Damascus despite cease-fire, watchdog says
12:10 23/07times of israel3 top ministers join death penalty calls for Halamish terrorist
12:05 23/07jewish pressINTO THE FRAY: Temple Mount Attack & the “One-State” Theory Demise
12:05 23/07jewish pressBennett, Edelstein, to Preside over Rebuilding of Hero’s Memorial Ordered Destroyed by High Court
12:05 23/07haaretzAll boats lead to Rome - and then the refugees stay there
11:55 23/07arutz 7Rabid jackal discovered at Tel Dan nature reserve
11:50 23/07haaretzIsrael Police install security cameras at Temple Mount entrance amid crisis
11:45 23/07arutz 7Teacher indicted for sex crimes
11:35 23/07jerusalem onlineUNSC to hold emergency session on Jerusalem violence
11:35 23/07jpostEurope is blind because it doesn’t want to see
11:35 23/07arutz 7Yahimovitch: Death penalty is not a punishment
11:30 23/07haaretzTemple Mount crisis: Jerusalem unifies the Muslims through struggle
11:30 23/07times of israelLiberman: Israel can manage without Palestinian security cooperation
11:20 23/07arutz 7Erdogan: Muslim world cannot remain silent
11:15 23/07arutz 7Ariel: We need to return to normalcy
11:15 23/07arutz 7Haifa: Worker injured after falling off balcony
11:10 23/07jewish pressIDF Using Halamish Massacre to Promote Restraint Against Terrorists
11:00 23/07jerusalem onlineHalamish family was preparing for party when terrorist entered
11:00 23/07arutz 7Netanyahu: Supervising conflict calmly and determinedly
10:55 23/07arutz 7Turkey: Stones thrown at synagogue during demonstration
10:55 23/07times of israelNew outpost built outside Halamish after deadly terror attack
10:50 23/07arutz 7Palestinian hackers break into Meretz site
10:45 23/07arutz 7Defibrillator saves 60-year-old heart attack victim
10:25 23/07arutz 7Israel Dog Unit to demonstrate anti-terror techniques
10:15 23/07times of israelPolice install hi-tech security cameras outside Temple Mount
10:10 23/07jerusalem onlineMetal detectors to remain until security cabinet discussion
10:10 23/07jewish pressFriends of Close Israeli Ally, Azerbaijan, Threatened
10:10 23/07arutz 7Shaked: Murderers of families deserve death sentence
10:05 23/07jewish pressChief Rabbi: ‘An Arab who Came to Kill Jews Must Not Come Out Alive’
10:05 23/07arutz 716 months for bank manager accused of tax fraud
09:50 23/07arutz 7Doctors perform emergency C-section on accident victim
09:50 23/07arutz 724-year-old stabbed in Nesher, moderate wounds
09:50 23/07haaretzFive must-read analyses on the Temple Mount crisis
09:35 23/07jewish pressCognitive Dissonance? Abbas Suspends Security Coordination with Israel over Metal Detectors
09:35 23/07arutz 7Saved his choking father, initiated lifesaving course
09:30 23/07jerusalem onlineRocket from Gaza explodes mid-air
09:30 23/07arutz 7Kafr Kanna: 5 Arabs arrested for involvement in riots
09:25 23/07times of israelIn first, Abbas halts security cooperation meetings with Israel
09:15 23/07arutz 7Bennett: Death sentence for Halamish terrorist
09:10 23/07jewish pressHamas Rocket Blows Up Midair
09:10 23/07arutz 77 arrested in demonstrations after terror attack
09:05 23/07times of israelIn first, Abbas cancels security cooperation meetings with Israel
09:00 23/07arutz 7Ten injured in accident near Reem junction
08:55 23/07arutz 7Disturbances in East Jerusalem, no injuries or damage
08:55 23/07haaretzThis is why Arab states are conspicuously silent on Temple Mount crisis
08:40 23/07arutz 7Petition to release terrorists bodies to High Court
08:35 23/07jewish pressThe Soldier Who Shot the Terrorist in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) Describes the Event
08:10 23/07times of israelIsrael arrests senior Hamas officials in overnight West Bank raids
07:55 23/07jewish pressWhat ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Means to Me