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01:35 28/04times of israelUS pushes for release of Americans in direct talks with Iran
01:30 28/04jpostArab merchants shut stores in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners
00:56 28/04jtaUniversity of Wisconsin student resolution blames Israel for police violence against African-Americans
00:50 28/04arutz 7IDF soldier injured in accident in southern Israel
00:31 28/04jtaUniversity of Wisconsin student government passes divestment resolution
00:30 28/04jpostStorming the Labor Party leadership
00:26 28/04jewish pressWatch: Naftali Bennett’s Victory Speech (and Branski’s Concession)
00:25 28/04jpostBennett wins re-election as Bayit Yehudi head
00:25 28/04haaretzLebanese man nabbed in northern Israel
00:25 28/04times of israelBennett wins sweeping victory in Jewish Home leadership race
00:21 28/04algemeinerJews Murdered in Holocaust Called ‘Cowards’ at London Protest Outside Israeli Ambassador’s SOAS Lecture
00:21 28/04jewish pressIsrael is Not the Enemy
00:11 28/04jtaUS Holocaust Memorial Museum condemns reported persecution of gay men in Chechnya
00:06 28/04jtaLawmakers introduce bipartisan resolution to honor Israeli-American community
00:06 28/04jewish pressHuge Victory for Bennett in Low Turnout Primary Day
00:05 28/04jpostAs I See It: The British Foreign Office remains true to type
00:05 28/04jpostTrump may announce US embassy move to Jerusalem during Israel visit
00:05 28/04arutz 7Ariel congratulates Bennett
00:00 28/04times of israelUS envoy accuses Russia of allowing Syria to deny needed aid
23:56 27/04algemeinerCalifornia University President Praised for Condemning BDS as Student Government Weighs Anti-Israel Resolution
23:55 27/04jpostTrump may announce US embassy move during Israel visit
23:50 27/04times of israelSex and business among medieval Cairo’s Jews go on display at Cambridge
23:46 27/04algemeinerStudent Leader: University of Wisconsin BDS Activists ג€˜Cleverly Manipulatedג€™ Jewish Community to Pass Anti-Israel Resolution
23:40 27/04arutz 7Bennett wins Jewish Home primaries
23:36 27/04algemeinerU Wisconsin BDS Activists ג€˜Cleverly Manipulatedג€™ Jewish Community to Pass Anti-Israel Resolution
23:26 27/04algemeinerChristian Group Mounts a Strong Defense for Israel in Washington
23:25 27/04haaretz100 days of the topsy-turvy Trump presidency
23:20 27/04arutz 7Yechimovich: People want me to head the Histadrut
23:20 27/04times of israelIsraeli missile downs Syrian drone over Golan Heights
23:16 27/04jerusalem onlineWatch: Shin Bet launches new website
23:10 27/04times of israelPatriot missile downs Syrian drone over Golan Heights
23:05 27/04times of israelWomen of the Wall smuggle Torah scroll for monthly Kotel service
23:00 27/04arutz 750 years of "occupation" at Hebrew University
23:00 27/04times of israelLebanese man arrested after crossing into northern Israel
22:56 27/04algemeinerHuman Rights Group: Israel Bears ‘Ultimate Responsibility’ for Gaza Electricity Supply as Crisis Looms
22:56 27/04jewish pressSyrian Drone Intercepted by Israeli Patriot Missile
22:50 27/04arutz 750 years ago Lag BaOmer festivity was also postponed
22:40 27/04arutz 7Pedestrian critically injured in South
22:40 27/04times of israelUS Holocaust envoy urges East Europeans to return Jewish property
22:40 27/04times of israelRepublican congressmen launch new pro-Israel caucus
22:36 27/04jtaThese comedians want to bring Yiddish humor to TV
22:35 27/04jpostChief Rabbi Lau proposes significant reform to kashrut supervision system
22:35 27/04arutz 7Dramatic rise in disability pensions to take effect
22:30 27/04jpostIndependence Day: Celebrating the process
22:30 27/04jpostColumn one: Netanyahuג€™s bold move against Europe
22:30 27/04jpostEditors Notes: Why we are hosting Sebastian Gorka
22:30 27/04jpostKnow Comment: Letter from a tomato
22:30 27/04jpostMy Word: Figuring out Independence Day beyond the Holocaust
22:30 27/04jpostLe Penג€™s toxic vision
22:30 27/04times of israelFrance’s new National Front leader doubted Nazis gassed Jews
22:26 27/04algemeinerNew York Times Op-Ed Sides With Pope Against Jewish Group on Holocaust Comment
22:26 27/04algemeinerNew Pro-Israel Congressional Caucus: Future Peace Only Possible if Palestinians Accept Defeat
22:16 27/04jerusalem onlineLebanese citizen caught in northern Israel
22:15 27/04arutz 746.45% of voters have voted in Jewish Home primaries
22:15 27/04times of israelEx-‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant arrested for rape
22:11 27/04jtaChicago Jewish couple married 69 years die moments apart holding hands
22:11 27/04jtaBritish student union votes out president who backed boycotts, ridiculed Zionists
22:10 27/04jpostControversial visitors center on Mount of Olives to be fast-tracked
22:06 27/04jerusalem onlineIsrael: Gaza electricity crisis caused by Hamas
21:55 27/04arutz 7MK Azaria: Rabbinate still monopolizing Kashrut
21:50 27/04arutz 7Lebanese citizen crosses border with Israel
21:50 27/04times of israel‘World’s largest’ facility for disabled kids opens in Jerusalem
21:46 27/04jewish press“Chickens***” and NO, I am NOT Referring to Bibi
21:45 27/04arutz 7Born Muslim, died as a Jew
21:45 27/04times of israelUK anti-terror police foil knife attack near Parliament
21:40 27/04jpostPalestinians put life on hold for hunger striking prisoners
21:40 27/04times of israelIsrael’s intelligence minister urges US to team up with Russia against Iran
21:36 27/04jewish pressThe Creative Solution
21:30 27/04arutz 738-year-old detained for threatening doctor
21:26 27/04jerusalem onlineUS official: Trump will announce embassy move during visit
21:26 27/04jtaPoland not complying with calls to return Jewish property, report says
21:25 27/04arutz 7Police dismantle tent supporting hunger strikers
21:20 27/04times of israelMinister fined thousands for calling a woman ‘ugly’
21:16 27/04jtaIsrael’s population is 8.68 million on eve of 69th birthday
21:16 27/04jewish pressCongressional Israel Victory Caucus: No Israel-PA Talks Without Recognition of Jewish State
21:15 27/04arutz 7MK Amir Peretz: Assad better not play with fire
21:11 27/04jtaWhat if the Nazis won? This is what American pop music would sound like
21:10 27/04arutz 7Jewish Home postpones closing of polls until 11 P.M.
21:05 27/04jpostGetting away with murder
21:00 27/04jpostAsylum-seekers protest 20% wage deduction law
21:00 27/04arutz 7Arabs throw Molotov Cocktail at bus in Samaria
21:00 27/04haaretzWhy are Jews rehabilitating Jew-killing fascists to defend Sebastian Gorka?
20:56 27/04jerusalem onlineSince 1948: Israelג€™s population multiplied by 10
20:56 27/04jewish pressWhen Swearing That A Witness Is Lying Doesnג€™t Help (Siman 75:13)
20:45 27/04arutz 7Uri Ariel: Unity will help National Union, Jewish Home
20:41 27/04jtaThis Sunday school teaches Jewish kids Yiddish ג€” and socialism
20:40 27/04jpostIn face-off with Hamas, PA says it will not pay Gazaג€™s electric bills
20:36 27/04algemeinerDrone From Syria Enters Israeli Airspace Over Golan Heights, Downed by Patriot Missile
20:35 27/04arutz 7Barak: We ignored Breaking the Silence
20:31 27/04jerusalem onlineSyria confirms Israel was behind Damascus explosion
20:30 27/04times of israelCongressman: In Israel, Trump will announce embassy move
20:25 27/04arutz 7Patriot missile downs unmanned drone on Golan Heights
20:25 27/04times of israelPatriot missile downs apparent drone over Golan Heights
20:21 27/04jerusalem onlineIDF downs drone from Syria with Patriot missile
20:20 27/04jpostPatriot missile fired at drone entering Israeli airspace from Syria
20:20 27/04arutz 7Netanyahu meets with bereaved siblings
20:20 27/04times of israelPatriot missile intercepts apparent drone over Golan Heights
20:16 27/04kol israelMinister: Israel will prevent the flow of arms to Lebanon
20:16 27/04kol israelIsraeli Patriot intercepts unmanned aerial vehicle from Syria
20:10 27/04arutz 7Patriot missile fired on Golan Heights
20:10 27/04times of israel2 US troops killed, 1 injured in eastern Afghanistan
20:05 27/04jpostBreaking: Patriot missile fired at drone violating Israeli airspace
20:05 27/04arutz 7 Arab armed with knife detained near Cave of Patriarchs
20:05 27/04times of israelUK teen admits plotting to bomb Elton John concert
20:01 27/04algemeinerUC Santa Barbaraג€™s SJP Slammed For Launching BDS Campaign on Holocaust Remembrance Day
20:00 27/04arutz 7Trump to announce transfer of embassy during visit
20:00 27/04times of israelSwedish deputy PM equates Israeli and Palestinian incitement
19:51 27/04algemeinerFor Israelג€™s Memorial Day, New Initiative Honors Fallen Soldiers Who Have No Living Relatives
19:50 27/04jpostPalestinians observe general strike in West Bank
19:50 27/04jpostPalestinians must admit defeat, Republican caucus says
19:46 27/04algemeinerInfighting Between Israel’s Netanyahu and Finance Minister Kahlon May Be Precursor to Early Knesset Elections
19:45 27/04haaretzGaza hospitals warn shutdown imminent due to electricity crisis
19:45 27/04haaretzAi Weiwei pledges proceeds from new work to Israeli human rights group Bג€™Tselem
19:40 27/04times of israelLabor finalizes list of candidate’s for July leadership primary
19:36 27/04algemeinerTombstones Vandalized in Romanian Jewish Cemetery on Holocaust Remembrance Day
19:36 27/04jewish pressYesha Council Welcomes Trump to Israel, Urges him to ‘Dump Abbas for Peace’
19:35 27/04jpostIsraeli lawyer sentenced to 7.5 years in jail for smuggling for Hamas
19:31 27/04jewish pressQ & A: Do Women Count The Omer?
19:30 27/04haaretzAi Weiwei to donate proceeds from new work to Israeli human rights group Bג€™Tselem
19:30 27/04times of israelPentagon said investigating former Trump national security adviser
19:26 27/04jerusalem onlineWatch: Undercover officers ambush Palestinian rioters fleeing soldiers
19:21 27/04algemeinerUK Refuses to Apologize to Palestinians for 1917 Balfour Declaration
19:20 27/04arutz 7One seriously injured in car flip near Nazereth.
19:16 27/04algemeinerWhy Is CUNY Honoring and Supporting BDS?
19:16 27/04jtaAnti-Semitic poster hung at Kansas State U on Holocaust Remembrance Day
19:11 27/04algemeinerThe Unacceptable Behavior of Germany’s Foreign Minister
19:11 27/04jewish pressShabbos Rental
19:06 27/04jtaIsraeli tanks destroy Hamas post in Gaza after soldiers come under fire
19:06 27/04jtaPalestinian Authority to stop paying Israel for electricity used in Hamas-run Gaza
19:05 27/04jpostNYC council candidates platform: Stop greedy Jewish landlords
19:01 27/04algemeinerTrump Gives Pentagon Flexibility to Decide Number of US Troops in Iraq, Syria
19:01 27/04jewish press“Chickensh*t” and NO, I am NOT Referring to Bibi
19:00 27/04arutz 7The answer to the Women of the Wall provocation
18:56 27/04jtaRepublican Congress members launch pro-Israel caucus seeking Palestinian acknowledgment of defeat
18:51 27/04algemeinerMany Foreign Fighters Abandon ISIS, Surrender at Turkish Border
18:51 27/04kol israelVisit to Israel by Trump is expected on May 22nd
18:51 27/04jewish pressShiloh Musings: Le Pen, Shechita and French Jewry
18:45 27/04arutz 7Yaalon slams Minister Katz for Syria statement
18:41 27/04algemeinerIDF Strikes Hamas Target in Gaza After Shots Fired at Israeli Soldiers on Border
18:41 27/04algemeinerReport: Israeli Airstrike Hits Hezbollah-Operated Iranian Arms Supply Hub in Damascus
18:40 27/04times of israelIsrael scrambles to prevent EU-Arab consensus resolution at UNESCO
18:36 27/04jerusalem onlineMan carrying knives arrested near British parliament
18:36 27/04jtaThis Sunday school teaches Jewish kids Yiddish — and socialism
18:30 27/04jpostClosing Holocaust Remembrance Day at Ghetto Fighters House
18:30 27/04arutz 7Thousands march in Tel Aviv in honor of May 1st
18:20 27/04arutz 72 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan battle with ISIS
18:20 27/04times of israelForgive us, we did not know. Forgive him, he does not understand
18:16 27/04jerusalem onlineIsraeli startup signs partnership with largest EMR provider in South Africa
18:16 27/04jewish pressSpeculation: Israel Bombed Iranian Cargo Planes on Damascus Base Tarmac
18:10 27/04arutz 7Watch: Undercover police arrest rioters
18:06 27/04jewish pressBetwixt & Between
18:05 27/04arutz 7Woman falls off horse, moderately injured
18:05 27/04arutz 716% voted so far in Jewish Home primaries
18:00 27/04arutz 7Woman falls of horse, moderately injured
18:00 27/04times of israelTrump launches Twitter tirade at Democrats
17:50 27/04jpostIsrael may lose Europe in Jerusalem sovereignty battle at UNESCO
17:50 27/04arutz 7Netanyahu: Each and every survivor must be reached
17:50 27/04times of israelUK police arrest man with ‘weapon’ near Parliament
17:50 27/04times of israelRussia condemns alleged Israeli missile strike in Syria
17:46 27/04jtaIvanka Trump, Jared Kushner will accompany president on Israel trip
17:45 27/04arutz 7Russia condemns attack on Syrian airport
17:36 27/04jtaIsraeli tanks slam Hamas position in Gaza after soldiers come under fire
17:35 27/04arutz 7Science Minister Akunis to pay 16,500 NIS compensation
17:31 27/04jewish pressSefirat HaOmer As A Period Of Mourning
17:30 27/04jpostTrump team arrives in Israel to discuss presidential visit
17:30 27/04times of israelMan arrested with knife near UK parliament
17:30 27/04times of israelIsrael, US eyeing Trump visit on May 22-23
17:26 27/04jerusalem onlineRussia condemns alleged Israeli attack in Syria
17:20 27/04jpostAmerican Heart Association picks United Hatzalah as training partner
17:16 27/04jtaIsrael acknowledges possible involvement in strike on Hezbollah arms depot near Damascus airport
17:10 27/04arutz 7London: Suspect arrested near parliament building
17:10 27/04times of israelUS, Israel officials seek Trump visit for May 22
17:06 27/04jerusalem onlineNew Hall of Remembrance on Mt. Herzl: "A stone for every fallen soldier"
17:06 27/04jtaMarine Le Pen’s replacement as National Front leader questions use of Holocaust poison
17:05 27/04jpostAre they naked? The sheer genius of this Israeli body artist
17:05 27/04arutz 7Ministers meet to determine Holocaust survivor benefits
17:05 27/04times of israelIsrael unveils Remembrance Hall for fallen soldiers ahead of Memorial Day
17:01 27/04jtaMarine Le Pen’s replacement as National Front leader made statements denying the Holocaust
17:00 27/04jpostUNESCO set to pass motion rejecting Israeli sovereignty over West Jerusalem
17:00 27/04times of israelHardline Muslim clerics slam appointment of Israel’s first female sharia judge
17:00 27/04times of israelRussian navy ship sinks in Black Sea, all 78 crew rescued
17:00 27/04times of israelIsrael at 69 has 8,680,000 citizens, 43% of world Jewry
16:56 27/04jtaUS envoy on Holocaust issues urges Eastern European nations to return stolen Jewish property
16:55 27/04arutz 7Will Tel Aviv Great Synagogue close down?
16:46 27/04jtaUS Holocaust issues envoy urges Eastern European nations to return stolen Jewish property
16:45 27/04arutz 7Nine candidates to contend Zionist Union leadership
16:45 27/04times of israel10 top Israeli apps for innovative healthcare solutions
16:45 27/04times of israelLast chance for restitution
16:40 27/04arutz 7Watch: New Memorial Chamber revealed
16:40 27/04times of israelThe nascent flowering of our redemption
16:36 27/04jtaMarine Le Pen’s replacement to lead National Front made statements denying Holocaust
16:31 27/04jerusalem onlineDate apparently set for Trumpג€™s Israel visit: May 22
16:30 27/04times of israelLawyer jailed for 7.5 years for serving as Hamas agent
16:25 27/04arutz 7Holocaust denier replaces Le Pen in National Front
16:21 27/04jerusalem onlineAnalysis: New Hamas policy document enables them to invade West Bank
16:20 27/04jpostNew photos emerge of Jewish convert Jenna Jamesons baby
16:20 27/04times of israelTrump reported to set Israel visit for May 22
16:06 27/04jerusalem onlineA Russian intelligence ship sank in the Black Sea after collision
16:06 27/04jerusalem onlineNorth Korean official: Our nuclear tests will never stop
16:01 27/04jerusalem onlineNorth Korean official: Our nuclear test will never stop
16:00 27/04arutz 7Trump to visit Israel on 22 May
15:55 27/04arutz 7Women of the Wall smuggle Torah scroll into service
15:51 27/04jtaLe Pen replacement to lead National Front made statements denying Holocaust
15:45 27/04times of israelTrump tax cuts raise concern of outflow of Israeli startups
15:41 27/04jtaU.S. Holocaust issues envoy urges East European nations to return stolen Jewish property
15:35 27/04arutz 7New development in investigation of Hypercacher attack
15:35 27/04times of israelTerror victim’s mother to court: Withdraw visa of human rights staffer
15:31 27/04jerusalem onlineAnalysis: What is the French presidential election really about?
15:31 27/04jtaSyria says Israel attacked Hezbollah arms depot near Damascus airport
15:30 27/04israel todayIsrael Hints It Carried Out Airstrike on Damascus Airport
15:30 27/04arutz 715 missing in Black Sea collision between ships
15:21 27/04jerusalem onlineUNESCO will decide: Who is the sovereign in Jerusalem?
15:20 27/04haaretzCalling Marwan Barghouti a terrorist wonג€™t silence him
15:15 27/04arutz 7Israeli teens teach Holocaust survivors to surf the internet
15:11 27/04jerusalem onlineSyria: "Israel attacked and caused extensive damage"
15:10 27/04times of israelGerman soldier, posing as refugee, arrested in attack plot
15:06 27/04kol israelJewish Home party holding leadership primary
15:05 27/04arutz 7Bennett votes, calls for high turnout
15:01 27/04jtaIsraeli tanks strike Hamas position in Gaza after soldiers come under fire
15:00 27/04times of israelRussian warship collides with freighter in Black Sea north of Istanbul
14:55 27/04times of israelWhite House: Trump won’t immediately pull out of NAFTA
14:51 27/04kol israelJlem fire emergency hotline down
14:50 27/04arutz 7Security cabinet to discuss Syria on Sunday
14:50 27/04arutz 7White rhinos are on the verge of extinction
14:46 27/04jtaWomen of the Wall smuggle in Torah scroll for monthly Kotel service
14:45 27/04haaretzCalling Barghouti a terrorist wonג€™t silence him
14:31 27/04kol israelIDF destroys Hamas position in Gaza after troops fired upon
14:31 27/04kol israelPA halts payment to Israel for Gaza electricity supply
14:30 27/04arutz 7Minister to promote legal aid to Holocaust survivors
14:30 27/04arutz 7Archaeologists discover 130,000 year old human bones
14:25 27/04times of israelHundreds hold up traffic in Tel Aviv to protest ammonia tank closure
14:21 27/04jtaTeens studying technology teach Holocaust survivors to surf the internet
14:20 27/04arutz 7101-year-old woman acomplishes an amazing feat
14:20 27/04arutz 7People of the Book: World Bible Quiz contestants
14:15 27/04jpostIsrael fears European-Arab anti-Israel resolution at UNESCO
14:15 27/04times of israelIran’s defense minister condemns reported Israeli strike on Damascus
14:10 27/04jpostOn Israels 69th birthday, population reaches 8.68 million
14:05 27/04times of israelIn Muslim Indonesia, tiny Jewish community keeps its head down
14:01 27/04jerusalem onlineOp-Ed: India, stop supporting Bangladesh
14:00 27/04arutz 7Damage and trauma from rock attacks
14:00 27/04arutz 7Scientists discover new ways to help premature babies
14:00 27/04arutz 7Man commits theft while pretending to be electrical worker
14:00 27/04times of israelHardline Muslim clerics slam appointment of first female sharia judge
13:50 27/04jpostOn its 69th birthday Israels population reaches 8.680 million
13:50 27/04arutz 7Scientists conduct new studies of Saturn
13:50 27/04arutz 7Yom Tov Samia not running in Labor primary
13:41 27/04jerusalem onlineIts almost summer: These are the cleanest beaches in Israel
13:40 27/04arutz 7Shabak seeks the best (cyber) minds online
13:40 27/04times of israelSay oui: Israel seeks to draw French investment to high tech
13:30 27/04times of israelPalestinians hold mass strike in support of hunger-strikers
13:26 27/04jewish pressRight-Wing NGO Demands Twitter, Facebook ‘Remove Anti-Semitic Accounts’
13:25 27/04times of israelWe need education, not felafel
13:25 27/04times of israel2 French police shot by suspected Islamist during arrest in Reunion
13:21 27/04jewish pressThe Integrated Religious Life
13:20 27/04arutz 7On the eve of Independence Day: 8.68 million Israelis
13:15 27/04arutz 7British Politician predicts who will be the next PM
13:10 27/04arutz 7Another hostile decision is expected at UNESCO
13:10 27/04arutz 7Intellectual miscalculation
13:05 27/04arutz 7United Airlines releases new flight plan
13:05 27/04times of israelTrump tax cuts raises concern of outflow of Israeli startups
13:00 27/04jpostTel Aviv to house worlds first construction tech hub
13:00 27/04jpostJewish officials hail Austriaג€™s decision to adopt antisemitism definition
13:00 27/04arutz 7Watch: Tucker Carlson slams left-wing point of view
12:56 27/04jewish pressIDF Tank Destroyed Hamas Post in Gaza Strip
12:51 27/04jewish pressBoredom and the Immature Elderly
12:50 27/04times of israel‘Why do they hate us?’ documentary probes France’s anti-Semitism
12:45 27/04arutz 7Azrieli Intersection reopens to traffic
12:45 27/04times of israelGearing up for Trump
12:41 27/04jerusalem onlineSyria: "Israel attacked, caused extensive damage"
12:36 27/04jewish pressElbit to Showcase ‘Seagull’ Controlled in Haifa Bay from Singapore via Satellite
12:35 27/04haaretzArchaeological shock: Humans reached Americas 130,000 years ago
12:26 27/04jerusalem onlineIDF destroys Hamas post in response to shots fired
12:25 27/04jpostIDF strikes Hamas target in Gaza in response to cross-border fire
12:20 27/04jpostIDF tanks strike Hamas target in response to Gaza cross-border fire
12:20 27/04arutz 7PA strike in support of hunger-striking prisoners
12:20 27/04times of israelUS defends Breaking the Silence as ‘important’ for Israeli discourse
12:15 27/04jpostStudy: For US Jews, education dims faith
12:15 27/04times of israelIn NY: The ג€˜Dreyfus Affairג€™ in the age of Le Pen
12:10 27/04jpostIntelligence minister says Syria strike consistent with Israeli policy
12:10 27/04jpostSyria says Israeli missile strike near Damascus airport confirmed
12:10 27/04arutz 7North Korea: Nuclear tests will continue
12:05 27/04jpostPalestinian Authority says its halting Gaza power payments to Israel
12:05 27/04arutz 7Haifa Chemicals workers block Tel Aviv intersection
12:05 27/04arutz 74 houses being razed in Binyamin community of Neria
12:05 27/04arutz 7Jewish leaders blast CUNY invite of anti-Israel Sharia advocate
12:05 27/04times of israelIDF troops come under fire near Gaza, respond with tank fire
12:01 27/04jerusalem onlineIDF attacks Hamas post in response to shots fired
12:01 27/04kol israelReports: Israel hit weapons storehouse, fuel tanks in Syria
12:01 27/04kol israelFuneral held for female terrorist in Old City stabbing attack
12:00 27/04jpostSyrian government: Israeli missile strike near Damascus airport confirmed
12:00 27/04arutz 7Syria: Israel attacked the airport
12:00 27/04times of israelPA tells Israel it will no longer pay for Gaza’s electricity
11:56 27/04jewish pressPA Enforcing Widespread Strike in Solidarity with Prisoners
11:55 27/04jpostSyrian government: Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport confirmed
11:45 27/04arutz 7IDF destroys Hamas position in response to shooting
11:45 27/04arutz 7Senator Cruz: Use drug money to build border wall
11:40 27/04arutz 7Fire at IDF force near the Gaza border - no casualties
11:40 27/04times of israelIvanka Trump breaks with father on Syrian refugees
11:35 27/04arutz 7President of Meretz Executive: Deny benefit to Honenu
11:31 27/04jerusalem onlinePA announces it will no longer pay for Gaza electricity
11:25 27/04jpostGovernment and ג€˜publicג€™ ownership holding back the Israeli economy
11:20 27/04arutz 7Prison for lawyer who was a Hamas envoy to prisoners
11:15 27/04times of israelIsraeli newspaper claims Trump will recognize entire Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during trip
11:10 27/04arutz 7Provocation planned at Jewish outposts Friday
11:05 27/04arutz 7Prison for "running" bonds at investment house
11:05 27/04times of israelInvasion of the sea squirt could threaten Eilat coral reef
11:01 27/04jerusalem onlineMinister Katz: Israel will not allow Iran to establish military presence in Syria
11:01 27/04jewish pressFomenting New Hamas-Israel War, PA Stops Payments for Gaza Electricity
11:00 27/04arutz 7Galant: We will use our power to protect our interests
10:50 27/04arutz 7MK Bar-Lev submitts candidacy for Labor leadership
10:45 27/04jpostJews with most education are least religious
10:45 27/04jpostThe second French Revolution
10:45 27/04jpostIntelligence minister says Syria strike consistent with our policy
10:45 27/04arutz 7Rivlin eases punishment in Ramat Gan bribery case
10:45 27/04times of israelUS Senate wins free speech offender prize for anti-Semitism bill
10:40 27/04jpostPalestinian Authority says its stopping Gaza electricity payments to Israel
10:40 27/04arutz 7Edelstein echoes Zell on US embassy-move caution
10:35 27/04jpostPalestinian Authority says stopping Gaza electricity payments to Israel
10:26 27/04jerusalem onlineSenators puzzled after special White House North Korea briefing
10:25 27/04times of israelBennett poised to gain as Jewish Home votes in leadership primary
10:21 27/04jewish pressHabayit Hayehudi Chairman Election Thursday ג€“ Bennett Expected to Sweep
10:20 27/04jpostIsraeli defense minister warns of Iranian presence in Golan Heights
10:20 27/04haaretzArchaeologists uncover ancient entrance to Caesarea in Israel
10:15 27/04arutz 7Amiram Levin: Chatter at the expense of security
10:10 27/04jpostDefense Minister Liberman warns of Iranian presence in Golan Heights
10:00 27/04arutz 7Remove anti-Semitic accounts from social media
10:00 27/04haaretzPalestinian Authority to stop funding Israeli-supplied electricity to Gaza effective immediately
10:00 27/04times of israelIntelligence minister appears to confirm Israeli strike on Syria
09:55 27/04jpostIsraels intelligence minister hints IDF behind strike in Syria
09:55 27/04haaretzPalestinian Authority to stop funding Israeli-supplied electricity to Hamas-controlled Gaza
09:50 27/04jpostג€˜Construction Innovation Zoneג€™ to open in south TA, first in world
09:50 27/04arutz 7Wednesday-night funeral for attempted police stabber
09:40 27/04arutz 7Minister Katz hints confirmation Israel hit Damascus
09:35 27/04times of israelWorld Bank: Gaza power cuts causing ‘humanitarian crisis’
09:30 27/04times of israelSecurity forces shutter West Bank weapons workshop
09:26 27/04jerusalem onlineReport: Israel attacked Syrian airbase near Damascus airport
09:15 27/04arutz 7Police catch suspect in 15 Wednesday car break-ins
09:06 27/04jewish pressShiloh Musings: An “Only in Israel Story,” The Arab Bus Driver
09:01 27/04jewish pressWatch: New Overnight Attack, Explosions near Damascus Airport
09:00 27/04jpostAnalysis: North Korea and the Jewish question
09:00 27/04arutz 7Boyan Lag Baomer bonfire to middle of the night
08:50 27/04times of israelTrump to recognize entire Jerusalem as Israel’s capital during trip — report
08:45 27/04arutz 7US delegation due to coordinate Trump visit
08:25 27/04jpostS.Korea, US warn of punishment for N.Korea; US stresses sanctions
08:15 27/04jpostReport: European states fund NGOs that incite to violence against Israelis
08:15 27/04arutz 7Hezbollah blames Israel for Damascus attack
08:10 27/04arutz 7Report: State ammunition depots hit in Damascus attack
08:10 27/04times of israelUAE jails Iranian for 10 years for aiding nuclear program
08:00 27/04arutz 7Israeli forces question family of Samaria attacker
07:50 27/04jpostArab media claims Israeli airstrike hit Damascus airport
07:50 27/04arutz 7Israeli force question family of Samaria attacker
07:41 27/04jewish pressPA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sick and Dead for the Third Time This Week
07:40 27/04arutz 72-hour strike at Meir Hospital after violent incident
07:40 27/04arutz 7Ministerial committee on Holocaust victims to meet
07:30 27/04arutz 7In Muslim Indonesia, tiny Jewish community lives on
07:30 27/04times of israel‘Huge’ blasts near Damascus airport blamed on Israeli strike
07:25 27/04arutz 7Elections for Jewish Home chairman today
07:25 27/04times of israelReports: Blasts near Damascus airport may be Israeli airstrike
07:20 27/04arutz 7Abu-Dis weapons workshop closed down
07:15 27/04times of israelReport: Blasts near Damascus airport may be Israeli airstrike
07:10 27/04arutz 7South Korea, U.S.: THAAD deployment going smoothly
07:05 27/04haaretzBlasts reported near Damascus International Airport in Syria
07:05 27/04times of israelReport: Explosions near Damascus airport may be Israeli airstrike
06:45 27/04arutz 7Explosions heard near Damascus airport
06:40 27/04times of israelKnesset finalizes delay of new broadcaster launch
06:30 27/04times of israelTrump team softens war talk, vows other pressure on N. Korea
06:20 27/04arutz 7Anti-Semitic UK student leader ousted
06:10 27/04times of israelWhy Netanyahu gave Germany’s FM the Silence treatment
06:00 27/04jpostNGO Monitor: European governments fund NGOs that incite to violence
05:45 27/04arutz 7McCain: China has done nothing on North Korea
05:31 27/04kol israelIBC now to launch May 15
05:31 27/04kol israelIran - Pakistan border clash
05:15 27/04arutz 7How far did you make it out of Egypt?
05:05 27/04jpostMerkel: ג€˜Regrettable Netanyahu canceled FM meetג€™
04:40 27/04times of israelRussia, Iran accused of abusing Interpol to arrest foes
04:15 27/04arutz 7France blames Syrian regime for chemical weapons attack
04:10 27/04times of israelIvanka Trump, World Bank discuss women entrepreneur fund
04:00 27/04times of israelHard-line Iranian candidate says US should fear Iran
03:55 27/04times of israelChoice of Palestinian anti-Israel activist for NY college commencement speaker draws fire
03:50 27/04times of israelIsraeli rideshare rivals Gett, Juno join forces
03:45 27/04jpostHamas Interior Ministry arrests Gazans for ג€˜spreading rumorsג€™
03:20 27/04arutz 7Hamas to unveil updated charter next week
02:55 27/04times of israelWhite House confirms it’s ‘exploring’ a Trump visit to Israel
02:45 27/04arutz 7Common investing mistakes
02:45 27/04times of israelLe Pen upstages Macron in battle for blue-collar votes
02:20 27/04jpostTrump considering Israel visit, White House official confirms
02:20 27/04arutz 7HRW director receives permit to work in Israel
02:10 27/04arutz 7Trump considering withdrawing from NAFTA
02:05 27/04times of israelFrance detains 10 in weapons probe from 2015 Hyper Cacher killings
01:55 27/04times of israelUNESCOג€˜s first Holocaust guide meant to advance global study of mass atrocities
01:51 27/04algemeinerBritish Parliamentary Candidate Suspended Over Wildly Antisemitic Social Media Posts
01:50 27/04haaretzUNESCO head to Haaretz: Holocaust education should include teaching other genocides