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07:55 20/02jpostLebanon army chief vows to battle Israeli aggression no matter the cost
07:55 20/02arutz 7Authorities: Suspicion of integrity offenses in File 4000
07:45 20/02arutz 7Iranian foreign minister: No bases, combat forces in Syria
07:35 20/02arutz 7Most of Qatari Gaza funding to go to immediate needs
07:35 20/02arutz 7Southbound Route 6 disrupted near Nesharim Interchange
07:30 20/02jpostFrench female ISIS fighter to be extradited after conviction in Iraq
07:30 20/02jpostPassover warning: use healthy chemicals to clean
07:25 20/02arutz 750 MKs call on PM to recall the ambassador to Poland
07:15 20/02arutz 7Improvised weapons seized in Bethlehem-area village
07:00 20/02times of israelI teach my Israeli grandkids English on Skype
06:50 20/02haaretzBusiness in Brief: Energean slates London IPO to fund Israeli gas field development
06:50 20/02times of israelI teach my Israeli grandkids English via Skype
06:45 20/02arutz 7Qatari official: Neither Israel nor Hamas want an escalation
06:35 20/02haaretzThe Ticker: Energean slates London IPO in March to fund Israeli gas field development
06:35 20/02times of israelTrump endorses Romney for Senate bid in Utah
06:05 20/02jpostTop IDF general warns of increased chance of war in 2018
06:05 20/02arutz 7Major A. returns to his squadron
06:05 20/02times of israelF-16 navigator downed in Syria strike returns to the skies
05:55 20/02jpostPolish historian: Penalties for new Polish law resemble pre-war punishment
05:50 20/02arutz 7Trump endorses Romney
05:45 20/02haaretzIsrael to tax bitcoin as an asset, not a currency
05:40 20/02haaretzL.A.-based Israeli investor takes leap toward winning control of Bezeq
05:35 20/02times of israelCanada voices concern to Israel over migrant expulsion
05:25 20/02jpostTrump moves to bar Boeing-Iran agreement
05:25 20/02haaretzThe slippery slope in Syria
05:20 20/02haaretzBusiness has gone sour, but Israeli restaurants have a secret weapon
05:10 20/02times of israelMeet the Jewish student-teacher culinary team who made it to the Olympics
04:45 20/02arutz 7UN chief: Israel-Hezbollah war would be the worst nightmare
04:45 20/02haaretzUltra-Orthodox lawmaker to pressure Netanyahu on shielding yeshiva students from army draft
04:40 20/02haaretzIsraeli ministers back lighter penalties for public marijuana use
04:35 20/02times of israelWith head bowed, accused Florida shooter appears in court
04:25 20/02jpostTiny chips uncover secret behind babies’ brain wrinkles
04:15 20/02haaretzAfter Gaza border blast, Israeli army to step up measures against Palestinian protesters
04:10 20/02times of israelUS probe looking at Kushner foreign business contacts: report
04:05 20/02jewish pressIs President Trump Preparing to Put Pressure on Israel?
03:55 20/02jtaNames of 4 Jewish Parkland shooting victims submitted for proxy baptisms by Mormon church
03:50 20/02arutz 7How to get on the millionaire track
03:50 20/02times of israelTrump offers support for limited effort on background checks
03:25 20/02jpostIn open letter, Polish Jews say they dont feel safe in Poland
03:20 20/02arutz 7Kahlon: The Americans are the only honest brokers
03:20 20/02haaretzEgyptian intelligence pressures Hamas to hand over Gaza to Palestinian Authority
03:20 20/02times of israelWorld Cup soccer trophy visits Palestinian territories
03:05 20/02algemeinerBritish Labour Activist Who Called Jews ‘Zios’ Expelled From Party; Jewish Groups Call for Further Action
02:55 20/02jpostIn Ramallah, Israeli minister urges Palestinians to return to US-led peace talks
02:45 20/02haaretzNetanyahu is only focused on survival. The rest is a facade
02:45 20/02times of israelLebanese army chief vows to confront ‘Israeli aggression,’ no matter the cost
02:35 20/02jpostHotovely decries graffiti at Poland’s Tel Aviv embassy
02:30 20/02haaretzA few Palestinians needed to be killed
02:20 20/02jpostElovitch denies wrongdoing in ‘Bezeq-media’ case
02:20 20/02times of israelIn new film, Jewish director challenges Israeli version of 1976 Entebbe rescue
02:00 20/02times of israelTop officials, executives revealed as arrested suspects in Bezeq graft probe
02:00 20/02times of israelPalestinians slam Facebook for removing pages glorifying attacks on Israelis
01:50 20/02jpostReport: US ambassador warns settlement evacuation could spark civil war
01:45 20/02arutz 7Gun control or more guards with guns?
01:15 20/02jewish pressIn Historic Move, Israel’s Ethiopian Religious Leaders Gain Official Status
01:15 20/02times of israelSettler leader says settlement population grew rapidly in 2017
00:50 20/02haaretzU.S. ambassador warns Jewish leaders: Israel could risk civil war if settlements dismantled
00:45 20/02haaretzNetanyahu confidants named as bribery suspects in telecom-giant case
00:40 20/02arutz 7The Jewish teacher who saved students from the massacre
00:35 20/02times of israelTop officials, executives revealed as suspects in Bezeq graft investigation
00:30 20/02jewish pressConfer Polish Citizenship on Abbas
00:20 20/02arutz 7Channel 20 Law approved
00:15 20/02haaretzWhat do the Poles have to say for Netanyahu to recall the ambassador?
00:10 20/02algemeinerIRGC Quds Force Commander: Blood of Imad Mughniyah Will Be Avenged by Uprooting Child-Killing Zionist Regime
00:05 20/02jpostLongtime Netanyahu aides Filber and Hefetz named in Bezeq probe
00:05 20/02haaretzThree Iranian police officers killed in clashes with Sufi protesters
00:00 20/02algemeinerHezbollah’s Nasrallah Threatens Israeli Gas and Oil Rigs: We Are Capable of Stopping Their Operation Within a Few Hours
23:50 19/02algemeinerIsraeli Political Leader Lapid on Polish Holocaust Law: ‘On the Verge, If Not Beyond, Holocaust Denial’
23:50 19/02arutz 7Soccer: Beitar Jerusalem defeats Bnei Yehuda
23:50 19/02times of israelRapper Azealia Banks bringing tunes and ‘tude to Tel Aviv in May
23:50 19/02times of israelChabad footage shows Florida shooter ‘casually walking’ after attack
23:50 19/02times of israelRussia knocks Iran over vow to destroy Israel
23:40 19/02algemeinerBritish Labour Activist Who Called Jews ‘Zios’ Expelled From Party, Jewish Groups Call for Further Action
23:40 19/02arutz 7Why is it forbidden to ignore any enemy of Israel?
23:35 19/02arutz 7Two injured in fire in Jerusalem
23:35 19/02times of israelTeacher shot while saving Florida students laid to rest
23:30 19/02times of israelNetanyahu asks visiting NFL players to be ‘gladiators’ for Israel
23:30 19/02times of israelBritain’s Labour expels Jewish anti-Zionist activist over ‘anti-Semitic’ remarks
23:20 19/02algemeinerIsrael Thwarts Islamic Jihad Plot to Assassinate Defense Minister
23:20 19/02jpostIn Ramallah, Israeli finance minister urges Palestinians to return to US-led peace talks
23:15 19/02jpostIn Ramallah meeting, Kahlon tells Palestinians U.S. must mediate negotiations
23:10 19/02arutz 7Return of the muezzin law: More stringent than the last one
23:00 19/02algemeinerMayor: Jerusalem Is One of the Safest Cities in World Due to ‘Zero Misuse’ of Guns
22:55 19/02jewish pressBackward Poland Phantom Nation [audio]
22:55 19/02jewish pressEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About G-d But Were Afraid To Ask Soul Talk [audio]
22:55 19/02jewish pressTake Back Gaza! BULLETPROOF [audio]
22:55 19/02jpostFinance minister tells Palestinians to return to U.S.-brokered peace process
22:55 19/02times of israelPence to headline AIPAC conference in March
22:50 19/02jewish press17 Lives Lost Unnecessarily The Danger Zone [audio]
22:50 19/02arutz 7Rain may return on Thursday
22:50 19/02times of israelPA premier protests Israeli moves in meeting with Kahlon
22:45 19/02algemeinerIsrael Advances Bill to Offset Terror Salary Payments by Palestinian Authority
22:45 19/02times of israelCasting doubt over peace prospects, US envoy says settlers staying put — report
22:40 19/02jewish pressIsrael, Put Your Pants On and Stand Up! We are the Next Super-Power The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]
22:35 19/02jewish pressPolitical Jew Hunting The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]
22:30 19/02arutz 7PM probe: A media campaign encourage by haters of the right
22:30 19/02times of israelThree policemen reported killed in Tehran during Sufi protests
22:15 19/02algemeinerNarendra Modi’s Visit to Ramallah
22:15 19/02jewish pressLife on Mars
22:15 19/02times of israelProtesters throw shoes, rip flags during visit to Gaza by Qatar envoy
22:00 19/02arutz 7Listen: The true voices of Judea and Samaria
21:55 19/02arutz 7Chabad security video shows Nikolas Cruz ‘casually walking by’ after attack
21:55 19/02arutz 7The true voices of Judea and Samaria
21:50 19/02arutz 7Minister Kahlon meets PA cabinet head in Ramallah
21:50 19/02times of israelHigh Court delays returning terrorists’ bodies until new hearing
21:45 19/02jtaChabad security footage shows Nikolas Cruz ‘casually walking by’ after attack on school
21:45 19/02arutz 7Knesset OKs opening Yemenite tombs for genetic testing
21:40 19/02arutz 7Knesset OKs opening Yemenite of tombs for genetic testing
21:40 19/02haaretzHundreds march through Bulgarian capital in honor of pro-Nazi general
21:40 19/02times of israelThird soldier from deadly Route 6 crash succumbs to wounds
21:35 19/02arutz 7Uri Ariel to Arutz Sheva: The National Union is waiting for Bennett
21:25 19/02jpostHigh Court to state: Why can’t we just have smart cards?
21:25 19/02times of israelUN weighing measure against Iran for supplying missiles to Yemen
21:15 19/02jerusalem online19.02.18 Main newscast from Israel
21:15 19/02arutz 7Funeral for Shilo Siman Tov tomorrow afternoon in Petach Tikva
21:10 19/02algemeinerPoland and Its Jews
21:10 19/02jerusalem onlineRussia rebukes Iran over calls for Israel’s destruction
21:10 19/02arutz 7Court: Ancient scroll will remain with the Civil Administration
21:05 19/02algemeinerBy Focusing on Humanitarian Aid, Israel Can Still Win in Syria
21:05 19/02jerusalem onlineRussia rebukes Iran for calling for Israel’s destruction
21:05 19/02jpostFebruary 19, 2018: A Polish prime ministers claim
21:05 19/02jpostHigh Court lets state appeal ruling on terrorists’ remains to broader panel
21:05 19/02times of israelAbbas to urge alternative to US as peace mediator in UN speech
21:00 19/02haaretzThe power women of Purim: Bringing back Vashti and Esther in the #MeToo era
20:55 19/02algemeinerChabad Heads to Iceland as 3,000 Female Emissaries Celebrate at ‘Day of Strength for All the Mushkas’
20:50 19/02algemeiner‘It Changed My Perspective,’ NFL Player Says After Visiting Terror Tunnel Discovered by IDF in Southern Israel
20:50 19/02jtaPolish Jewish groups say they don’t feel safe due to rise in anti-Semitism
20:45 19/02jpostWhat do the Palestinian citizens of Israel want?
20:45 19/02jpostPoland-Israel meltdown demands Elisha Wiesel
20:45 19/02jpost70,000 Hindus rally for Israel under Hindu Samhati banner
20:45 19/02jpostQatari envoy says Israel and Gaza not interested in confrontation
20:45 19/02times of israelAfter IED attack, Israel warns Gazans of more severe response to protests
20:30 19/02jerusalem onlineOp-Ed: We must stop radical Islamism in Bangladesh
20:30 19/02jtaSouth Tel Aviv ‘living under terrorism by illegal migrants,’ government minister says
20:25 19/02jpostHolocaust diplomacy
20:20 19/02arutz 7Nationwide school missile drill on Tuesday
20:20 19/02times of israelIran has 10 military bases in Syria, two near Israel border — analyst
20:15 19/02jpostLavrov issues rare rebuke of Iran for calling for Israels destruction
20:15 19/02arutz 73 Iranian police killed in clashes with religious protesters
20:15 19/02haaretzIsraeli lawmakers to discuss boycott of Austrian far-right cabinet ministers
20:05 19/02jerusalem onlineIDF: Future responses to border disturbances will be more forceful
20:05 19/02jpostCulture ministry denies funding to controversial Arab theater
19:55 19/02jewish pressTio Benny
19:55 19/02arutz 7Knesset rejects no-confidence motions
19:50 19/02arutz 7High Court: No return of terrorist bodies before June
19:50 19/02times of israelFor tech entrepreneur, ancient Purim saga a modern wake-up call
19:45 19/02times of israelBezeq owner denies wrongdoing in latest Netanyahu graft scandal
19:45 19/02times of israelUN chief warns Israel-Hezbollah war would be ‘worst nightmare’
19:45 19/02times of israelSyria bombardment kills dozens in rebel enclave as ground assault looms
19:40 19/02algemeinerLavrov: Reports of Hundreds of Russians Killed in Syria Attempt to Exploit War
19:40 19/02jewish pressAcademic And Social Skill Insights #1
19:35 19/02times of israelQatari envoy says both Israel, Hamas want calm
19:30 19/02arutz 7Soroka: Gaza-border victim still in serious condition
19:25 19/02jpostFrench female ISIS fighter to be extradited following conviction in Iraq
19:20 19/02algemeinerIsraeli Expert on Arrow 3 Missile Defense Test: ‘What Can I Say? Another Success’
19:20 19/02arutz 7VP Mike Pence confirmed as AIPAC conference speaker
19:15 19/02arutz 7Watch Live: Arutz Sheva conference on US-Israel relations
19:10 19/02algemeinerIsraeli Expert on Arrow 3 Test: ‘What Can I Say? Another Success’
19:10 19/02jerusalem onlinePence confirmed as keynote speaker at 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference
19:10 19/02jtaVice President Mike Pence confirmed as AIPAC conference speaker
19:10 19/02jtaHere’s why we report on the Jewish victims of general tragedies
19:10 19/02arutz 7MK to AG: Stop Egyptian gas deal over corruption suspicions
19:05 19/02algemeinerEgypt Says Three Soldiers Killed in Campaign Against Sinai Militants
19:05 19/02jpostAlex Lubotzky wins Israel Prize for math, computers
19:05 19/02haaretzIsraeli natural gas giant signs $15 billion export deal with Egypt
19:00 19/02times of israelDeadline passes, but Israel takes no action to deport African asylum seekers
18:50 19/02jewish pressHow To Make A Collaborative Purim
18:50 19/02arutz 7EPA administrator cancels Israel trip over criticism of first-class travel
18:50 19/02times of israelIsrael to tax crypto mining operations as factories
18:45 19/02algemeinerKnesset Caucus Celebrates ‘Faith-Based Diplomacy’ to Honor Christian Allies
18:45 19/02jpostUS Environmental Protection Agency head cancels Israel trip
18:40 19/02jtaTeacher Scott Beigel did not want to be remembered as a hero
18:40 19/02arutz 7General to Hamas, Gazans: IDF reaction to border clashes to get more severe
18:40 19/02haaretzPence and Haley to address upcoming AIPAC conference
18:40 19/02haaretzSarah Silverman slammed after calling for Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi’s release
18:35 19/02algemeinerA Look at the Gaza Attack Tunnels of the Al-Mujahideen Brigades
18:35 19/02jpostBlacklisted Canadian rabbi tells rabbinate: My reputation has been damaged
18:30 19/02jerusalem onlineIceland’s bill banning male circumcision sparks controversy
18:30 19/02times of israelWhen our woman in Havana asked Fidel Castro to the synagogue Hanukkah party
18:20 19/02algemeinerVIDEO: Gaza Attack Tunnels of the Al-Mujahideen Brigades
18:20 19/02jpostCOGAT chief warns Hamas against throwing stones from a glass house
18:20 19/02arutz 7Highway 6 accident victim promoted posthumously
18:15 19/02arutz 7UK Labour Party expells Jewish anti-Zionist activist
18:10 19/02arutz 7Special Live English Broadcast: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
18:05 19/02arutz 7Israel Prize for mathematical research to Prof. Alex Lubotzky
18:00 19/02algemeinerSwastikas, Slurs Daubed on Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv Amid Ongoing Holocaust Bill Row
18:00 19/02arutz 7Local press raps Polish PM over Holocaust remark
18:00 19/02times of israelShas deputy minister resigns as MK, retains ministerial post
17:55 19/02algemeinerReport: Some Cabinet Members Criticize Israeli ‘Restraint’ in Syria
17:55 19/02jpostGabbay hints Lapid corrupt like Netanyahu
17:55 19/02jpostLikud MK compares attacks on Netanyahu to Rabin assassination
17:50 19/02jtaEPA administrator Scott Pruitt cancels Israel trip over criticism of first-class travel
17:45 19/02jpostMinister Hanegbi vows egalitarian prayer site at Kotel will be beautiful
17:45 19/02haaretzRescue team finds wreckage from Iranian plane crash
17:40 19/02jpostA special Passover warning: use healthy chemicals to clean
17:40 19/02arutz 7Shaul Elovitch on Bezeq case: I have not committed any offense
17:40 19/02arutz 7Golani soldier injured in Route 6 accident dies
17:35 19/02jpostCairo to open Rafah crossing for Palestinians stuck in Egypt
17:35 19/02haaretzIsraelis being terrorized by immigrants, top diplomat says
17:35 19/02haaretzIranian wrestler temporarily banned after intentional loss to avoid Israeli opponent
17:30 19/02algemeinerState Media: Pro-Assad Militias to Enter Syria’s Afrin Region
17:30 19/02jpostU.N. chief warns of nightmare scenario if Israel, Hezbollah clash
17:30 19/02arutz 7Analysis: The Iranian Axis strikes in Gaza
17:30 19/02times of israelLikud MK compares Netanyahu investigations to Rabin assassination
17:30 19/02times of israelTurkey renames street with US mission after Syrian offensive
17:25 19/02jerusalem onlineIsraeli gas company signs major deals with Egypt
17:25 19/02jpostNII recognizes connection between dentists’ work and chronic back pain
17:25 19/02jpostUN chief warns of nightmare scenario if Israel, Hezbollah clash
17:25 19/02arutz 7NIS 15 million for students in youth villages
17:20 19/02arutz 71st woman chosen to head the Police Investigation Department
17:15 19/02jpostReport: Rise in hate speech against police commissioner related to PM probes
17:15 19/02jpostHealthy heist: Two Israeli men arrested for avocado theft
17:15 19/02arutz 7Interior Committee OKs construction of a 4th Ayalon railway track
17:10 19/02jpostThe healthy heist: Two men arrested for avocado theft
17:05 19/02algemeinerIsraeli PM Netanyahu Hails ‘Historic’ $15 Billion Deal to Export Natural Gas to Egypt
17:05 19/02arutz 7Eastbound Route 1 traffic disrupted at Harel Interchange
17:00 19/02times of israelIS claims responsibility for church shooting in Russia
16:55 19/02jewish pressDefense Minister Confirms: Demolished ‘Underground Infrastructure’ in Gaza Was Terror Tunnel
16:55 19/02jpostHBO to dramatize Stuxnet cyber attack in upcoming drama
16:50 19/02arutz 7Ministers normalize status of Ethiopian Jewish clergy
16:45 19/02times of israelDrake gives away $1 million in ‘God’s Plan’ music video
16:40 19/02jerusalem onlineGreenblatt slams Hamas: ‘Cowardly acts’ won’t help rebuild Gaza
16:40 19/02jpostChurch leaders blast Iceland’s anti-circumcision bill
16:40 19/02jpostPolish rep headed to Knesset conference despite Foreign Ministry opposition
16:40 19/02times of israelHow patience helps you win
16:30 19/02jtaBritain’s Labour Party expells Jewish anti-Zionist activist
16:30 19/02haaretzThe Nazis were sluggish in Bulgaria this year. But their torchlit European hate tour has plenty more dates
16:25 19/02jewish pressEgypt Signs $15 Billion Deal to Import Israeli Natural Gas
16:20 19/02jpostGovt. approves recognition of Ethiopian religious leaders
16:15 19/02arutz 7Shekel, US dollar up - Euro, pound down
16:15 19/02times of israelNetanyahu ally compares PM’s graft probes to Rabin’s murder
16:10 19/02jtaIranian wrestler who threw bout to avoid Israeli opponent banned for six months
16:10 19/02times of israelDelek, Noble sign accords for $15b in sales of Israeli natural gas to Egypt
16:10 19/02times of israelNRGene teams with Bridgestone to develop resilient rubber-producing plants
16:05 19/02times of israelLapid: Netanyahu must ‘step aside’ temporarily until legal woes resolved
16:00 19/02algemeinerFrance Reiterates Commitment to Iran Nuclear Seal, Says Will Keep Talking to European, US Allies
16:00 19/02arutz 7Deputy Minister Yitzhak Cohen will resign from the Knesset
16:00 19/02times of israelIsraeli gas company announces $15b export deal with Egypt
15:55 19/02jerusalem onlineLiberman: Terror tunnel destroyed in overnight attack
15:55 19/02jpostLikud MK compares attacks on Netanyahu to Rabin assassination leadup
15:55 19/02jpostHotovely: Israeli citizens are living under the terror of the infiltrators
15:55 19/02times of israelDefense minister: Israel destroyed tunnel near Gaza border crossing
15:45 19/02algemeinerThe Outrageous Case of Ahed Tamimi
15:45 19/02times of israelTo combat boycott, settlers court Europeans with pioneer spirit and merchandise
15:40 19/02jpostMenorah that belonged to Auschwitz victims returns to grandson
15:35 19/02jewish pressTsurkov: As US Role Declines, Israeli Investment in Syrian Rebels Increasing
15:35 19/02jpostFrance says committed to Iran deal, will keep talking to European, U.S. allies
15:35 19/02arutz 7Cleared for final reading: Anyone can refuse to work on Shabbat
15:30 19/02haaretzIsraeli researchers complete Mars simulation experiment in Negev desert
15:25 19/02algemeinerAre Russia and Israel on a Collision Course Over Syria?
15:20 19/02jpost$15 billion worth of Israeli natural gas to be sold to Egypt
15:20 19/02arutz 7Israel to export natural gas to Egypt
15:15 19/02jerusalem online19.02.18 Morning newscast from Israel
15:15 19/02jtaIsrael successfully tests Arrow-3 missile defense system
15:10 19/02algemeinerNo Hate of Halimi? The French Won’t See Antisemitism for What It Is
15:10 19/02jerusalem onlineSenior IDF official: Israel preparing for war in 2018
15:05 19/02jpostIsraeli gas company will export gas worth $15 billion to Egypt
15:05 19/02times of israelLawyer for Bezeq owner says he’ll stop advising Netanyahu
15:00 19/02algemeinerPreventing and Reducing Deaths from Mass Shootings — In and Out of Jewish Institutions
15:00 19/02times of israelLiberman says IDF destroyed ‘terror tunnel’ near Gaza border crossing
14:55 19/02jewish press16 Terror Suspects Arrested in Judea & Samaria
14:55 19/02arutz 7Liberman: IDF destroyed Hamas terror tunnel last night
14:50 19/02jewish pressDenver Broncos Chris Harris Jr. Visits a Terror Tunnel
14:50 19/02jewish pressAn ‘End to Anti-Semitism’ in Vienna
14:50 19/02times of israelIS ambushes Iraqi Shiite-led force, killing 27
14:45 19/02jerusalem onlinePolice Recommendations Law to apply to Case 4000
14:45 19/02times of israelWhy ‘Milchan law’ at core of PM graft case is about so much more than tax breaks
14:40 19/02jewish pressDarkness and Light in Florida
14:40 19/02haaretzTurkey warns Syria: Ready to battle regime forces if they defend Kurds
14:25 19/02times of israelLabor chief denies involvement in latest Netanyahu graft scandal
14:20 19/02times of israelThird time’s corruption
14:20 19/02times of israelThinking about Lincoln, Gettysburg, and Elijah
14:20 19/02times of israelPolish press raps country’s PM over Holocaust remark
14:10 19/02times of israelPolish press raps PM over ‘Jewish perpetrators’ remark
14:05 19/02jerusalem online18.02.2018 Evening newscast from Israel
14:05 19/02israel todayIs Jerusalem About to Start Taxing Churches?
14:00 19/02israel todayPalestinian Leaders Angry That Israel Wont Pay Terrorist Salaries
13:55 19/02jerusalem onlineRussia warns Washington stop ‘playing with fire’ in Syria
13:55 19/02jpostTurkey warns Syrian regime as northern Syria crises deepens
13:55 19/02haaretzEgypt has always held the Palestinians of Gaza in contempt
13:55 19/02haaretzPutin’s Syrian dilemma: Back Israel or Iran?
13:45 19/02jewish pressIsraeli Tax Authority: Bitcoin an Asset, Not a Currency
13:45 19/02times of israelGovernment scrambles to ease pain of illegal outpost evacuation
13:35 19/02jtaNational Library of Israel brings rare, ancient manuscripts to New York University
13:30 19/02arutz 7Report: Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train may not be safe
13:30 19/02times of israelDid the Poles who hid my parents do it for the money?
13:25 19/02times of israelDeputy FM: South Tel Aviv plagued by ‘migrant terrorism’
13:20 19/02times of israelPalestinian-Israeli gang suspected of stealing millions from online sellers
13:15 19/02times of israelDid the Poles who hid my parents do it for money?
13:15 19/02times of israelSex separation: Not just the Western Wall
13:10 19/02jerusalem onlineIran: We have no military bases in Syria
13:10 19/02jpostIntel to invest $4.5 billion in Israel in 2018
13:05 19/02haaretzWhat do these religious figures and hipsters have in common?
13:00 19/02times of israelJohn Oliver takes on Netanyahu cases
12:45 19/02haaretzNetanyahu eyes paying settlers millions for leaving illegal outpost built on private Palestinian land
12:40 19/02jewish pressRace Starting at Gaza Crossing to Commemorate Lt. Hadar Goldin Reaches Knesset
12:40 19/02jpostIsrael destroys Hamas tunnel following rocket fire
12:35 19/02jerusalem onlineIDF attacks Hamas tunnel
12:35 19/02times of israelTop general says IDF gearing up for war in 2018
12:20 19/02haaretzTo push Iran back from border, Israel increases military support for Syrian rebels
12:15 19/02jpostNew Israeli IKEA branch opens in Beersheba
12:10 19/02arutz 7Canadian court to rule whether Orthodox man is dead or alive
12:05 19/02jerusalem onlineKurds: Syrian government to help in Afrin to combat Turkey
12:05 19/02jpostLahav 443 arrests senior Interior Ministry official in corruption probe
12:00 19/02jewish pressReligious MK Elazar Stern: Mixed-Sex Combat Service ‘Wonderful’
11:50 19/02jewish pressThe Cape Town Water Crisis and Hating Israel
11:50 19/02times of israelState said to defund Arab theater that held play about terrorist
11:45 19/02jpostJohn Oliver pokes fun at Netanyahus spending
11:45 19/02jpostExperts: Jerusalem-Tel Aviv railway not safe to operate
11:35 19/02haaretzIsrael prepares to push Iran back from border and increases military support for Syrian rebels
11:30 19/02times of israelIran insists it has ‘no military bases in Syria’
11:25 19/02jpostFlare-ups in Israels north and south: An Iranian butterfly effect?
11:20 19/02jerusalem onlineIDF attacked Hamas tunnel
11:20 19/02arutz 7Israeli start-ups to compete in China
10:55 19/02haaretzAfter two failures, Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 - but not on a real target
10:50 19/02jpostIn Media: Is Israel on another planet?
10:45 19/02haaretzAfter two failed runs, Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 missile - but not on a real target
10:40 19/02arutz 7Saudi Arabia to pursue nuclear program
10:35 19/02jewish pressPoland Protests Swastika Graffiti on Tel Aviv Embassy
10:25 19/02haaretzDavid Grossman, don’t accept the Israel Prize
10:20 19/02jerusalem onlineIsrael, US: Arrow 3 test successful
10:20 19/02jpostGreenblatt on Twitter slams Hamas for cowardly acts, overnight rockets
10:20 19/02haaretzMillions of dollars, favorable coverage: What we can tell you about the new Netanyahu graft case roiling Israel
10:20 19/02haaretzAfter two failed runs, Israel successfully tests upgraded Arrow 3 missile defense system
10:05 19/02jpostTorment of the bibles Job gives doctors insight into rare skin disease
09:55 19/02jpostHamas: Efforts underway to prevent war
09:55 19/02haaretzEverything you need to know about the new criminal case growing perilously close to Netanyahu
09:40 19/02arutz 7Poland demands explanation following embassy vandalism
09:40 19/02times of israelIsrael strikes Gaza tunnel after renewed rocket fire
09:30 19/02jewish pressGoldstein on Gelt: Is Owning Gold “Wealth Insurance?”
09:30 19/02times of israelPoland demands answers over swastikas at embassy — report
09:25 19/02jpostAzealia Banks heading to Tel Aviv
09:20 19/02jewish pressIDF Retaliates Against Gaza Strip Underground Infrastructure following Rocket Attack
09:20 19/02jpostIsrael strikes terror tunnels in Gaza overnight
09:15 19/02jerusalem online19.02.2018 Evening newscast from Israel
09:15 19/02jtaIsrael’s Air Force bombs Gaza terror tunnel in response to rocket fire
09:10 19/02times of israelSenior Population Authority official arrested on suspicion of corruption
09:05 19/02jewish pressAfter 2 Failures, Arrow 3 Interceptor ‘Carried Out Its Mission’
09:05 19/02jpostIsrael successfully carries out Arrow-3 test
09:00 19/02arutz 7Canadian delegation to meet with Palestinian Authority officials
09:00 19/02times of israelNow in Jerusalem, rare George Washington thumb Bible goes online
08:40 19/02times of israelAll 65 passengers and crew feared dead in Iranian plane crash
08:30 19/02jpostU.S. seeks European commitment to improve Iran nuclear deal
08:25 19/02jpostNetanyahu said to be called in for questioning in Bezeq case 4000
08:25 19/02arutz 7Bezeq officials arrested in corruption case involving PM
08:00 19/02arutz 7Pipe bomb found in Arab town
08:00 19/02times of israelFor single Syrian women, search for soulmate comes up empty