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20:15 22/10jtaJewish tennis star Diego Schwartzman reaches, loses European Open final
20:15 22/10arutz 7Disabled threaten to shut Ben-Gurion Airport
20:15 22/10haaretzU.S. presses Saudi Arabia and Iraq to come together in bid to contain Iran
20:15 22/10times of israelJordan’s king endorses Palestinian reconciliation deal
20:10 22/10jerusalem onlineCatalan leadership opposes direct rule, thousands protest
20:05 22/10jtaPalestinian mission in Colombia tweets Arafat quote calling for Israel’s destruction
19:55 22/10arutz 7Supreme Court rejects sawing of Netiv Avot houses
19:50 22/10jtaIsrael’s Bezalel Academy prepared to build new Jerusalem campus
19:50 22/10times of israelCoalition lawmakers spar over PM immunity bill
19:45 22/10jtaAfter apology, Anthony Scaramucci reposts poll on number of Jews killed in Holocaust
19:45 22/10arutz 7UK Police: Hostage incident not linked to terror
19:45 22/10haaretzBannon bashes Bush after former president denounces bigotry
19:45 22/10times of israelTillerson demands Iranian militias leave Iraq
19:45 22/10times of israelUN envoy chides Hamas leaders for urging Israel’s destruction
19:40 22/10algemeinerIsraeli Nili Block Wins Thai Boxing Title at European Championships in Paris
19:40 22/10algemeinerIn Upcoming Book, Controversial Rutgers Professor Accuses Israel of Sparing Palestinian Lives in Order to Control Them
19:30 22/10jtaAfter apologizing, Anthony Scaramucci reposts survey on number of Jews killed in Holocaust
19:25 22/10jerusalem onlineTrump: “I doubt I would be here if weren’t for social media”
19:25 22/10arutz 7Ex-Mossad: make life miserable for senior Hamas figures
19:15 22/10times of israelTaking stock of Palestinian unity pact, White House says peace will take time
19:10 22/10times of israelTexas town says it banned aid to BDS backers due to ‘confusion’ over law
19:05 22/10algemeinerIsrael Condemns ‘Severe Terrorist Attack’ That Killed 16 Egyptian Policemen
18:55 22/10algemeinerUN Is No Longer Home Court of the Palestinians, Israeli Envoy Says
18:55 22/10arutz 7Man killed by train near Kiryat Gat
18:50 22/10algemeinerSenior Hamas Officials Visit Iran on Mission to Improve Relations
18:50 22/10jerusalem onlineTillerson visits Saudi Arabia, warns Iranian
18:45 22/10algemeinerNew York Times’ David Brooks Offers Up a False Trichotomy
18:40 22/10jtaNo need for Texas city flood victims to pledge not to boycott Israel, says state lawmaker
18:40 22/10arutz 7Hostage situation in Britain
18:40 22/10haaretzJapan election: Abe’s landslide is a victory for militant nationalism in the Trump era
18:35 22/10arutz 7‘Confusion’ over Texas law led town to require anti-BDS pledge
18:35 22/10arutz 7Man arrested for throwing pornography at haredi protesters
18:30 22/10jtaNo need for Texas city residents to promise not to boycott Israel, says state lawmaker
18:30 22/10jtaAnthony Scaramucci Twitter account doubles down on Holocaust deaths poll
18:25 22/10arutz 71st kosher restaurant brings Portugal Israeli culture
18:25 22/10times of israelFrozen-in-time village Lifta added to list of endangered heritage sites
18:15 22/10arutz 7Israeli winery offers solace in the face of tragedy
18:10 22/10arutz 7Not keeping to the right? Beware of a ticket
18:05 22/10times of israelUS pushes Saudi Arabia, Iraq on united front to counter Iran
18:00 22/10jewish pressEmotional Gen. Kelly Rips Rep. Wilson’s Politicization Of Soldier’s Death
18:00 22/10arutz 7Report: Senior officer questioned on weapons possession
17:55 22/10arutz 7IDF revamps promotion timetable
17:55 22/10haaretzLetters to the Editor: IDF veterans at the Kotel and the Balfour Declaration
17:50 22/10jerusalem onlineIsraeli farmers concerned following agricultural terror
17:45 22/10algemeinerGolan Heights Residents on Edge After Latest Cross-Border Exchange of Fire; ‘After Syria Civil War Ends, Guns Will Be Turned on Israel’
17:45 22/10times of israelCurrent Lord Balfour says Israel failing to live up to 1917 declaration
17:40 22/10jtaPalestinian mission to Colombia tweets call for destruction of Israel
17:35 22/10jtaIsrael strikes rocket launchers in Syria in response to rocket fire
17:35 22/10arutz 7Knife-carrying rock thrower arrested near Azoun
17:30 22/10jewish pressKnesset Committee Pushes Off Debate on Proposal to Limit Investigations of Sitting PM
17:30 22/10times of israelThousands march in Berlin against far-right AfD
17:25 22/10jewish pressRight-Wing Attorney: Lehava Arrests Aimed at Pacifying ‘Reform and Radical Left’
17:25 22/10arutz 7Chilean diplomat who saved more than 1,200 Jews honored
17:20 22/10algemeinerIran Praises Hamas for Maintaining Terror Strategy Against Israel
17:20 22/10algemeinerSecretary of State Tillerson Pushes for Saudi, Iraqi Alliance Against Iran
17:20 22/10arutz 7Soon - a law for the supervision of day care centers
17:15 22/10jewish pressKnesset Committee to Pave Way for Israelis to Return to Demolished Samaria Communities
17:10 22/10jewish pressTerror Victims Slam Blum Appointment as Hostage Negotiator
17:05 22/10algemeinerFar-Right Party Makes Gains in Czech Republic Election
17:05 22/10jerusalem onlinePalestinian teenage girl detained following terror threat
17:05 22/10jtaPalestinian man drops rock on 12-year-old Israeli boy playing in Hebron spring, army says
17:05 22/10jewish pressMore evidence that the EU is anti-Israel….
17:05 22/10jpostDont Give Up On Humanity
16:55 22/10algemeinerStrong General Election Win Projected for Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
16:55 22/10times of israelWHO head reverses decision to name Mugabe goodwill ambassador
16:55 22/10times of israelUnarmed Palestinian teen held in Hebron after saying she plotted attack
16:50 22/10jtaPalestinian man drops rock on head of Israeli boy, 12, playing in Hebron spring, army says
16:50 22/10jta‘Confusion’ over state law led Texas town to require no-boycott-against-Israel pledge
16:50 22/10arutz 7IDF to distribute improved infantry boots to all soldiers
16:50 22/10arutz 7#Metoo should not become a trend
16:50 22/10times of israelLikud, Kulanu lawmakers spar over PM immunity bill
16:45 22/10arutz 7$$320 for a bowl of beans and rice
16:25 22/10jerusalem onlineWatch: Israeli policewoman kicks Haredi protester
16:25 22/10arutz 7Gulf states to lift Egyptian agricultural imports ban
16:20 22/10jtaChilean diplomat who saved over 1,200 Jews honored as Righteous Gentile
16:05 22/10jewish pressINTO THE FRAY: Decertifying Iran- A Moral Imperative. Now WHAT?
16:05 22/10haaretzIncoming Dutch minister in charge of international aid has critical views of Netanyahu
16:00 22/10jtaPalestinian drops large rock on head of boy, 12, in Hebron
16:00 22/10times of israelMan arrested for taunting ultra-Orthodox protesters with porn
15:50 22/10arutz 7Hachshara insurance company fined NIS 1.2 million
15:50 22/10times of israelBringing back the Judaism I love
15:45 22/10arutz 7Bentzi Gopstein in court: This is a political arrest
15:40 22/10jerusalem onlineLeader of Jewish far-right organization arrested
15:40 22/10arutz 7Detention extended in clash at Tel Aviv basketball game
15:40 22/10times of israelGiving vets with PTSD the Jewish treatment
15:35 22/10arutz 7Bentzi Gopstein in court: This is political arrest
15:35 22/10times of israelTeenage model charged with assaulting cop, cab driver
15:30 22/10jewish pressRussians: US Bombing of ISIS’ Raqqa Reminiscent of 1945 Dresden Firebombing
15:30 22/10arutz 7Kara: Iran is trying to drag the region into war
15:30 22/10arutz 7Bentzi Guptstein in court: This is political detention
15:25 22/10times of israelAbe sweeps to big win in Japan vote
15:20 22/10jerusalem onlineRecord agricultural theft: 67 caught in Israeli fields
15:20 22/10arutz 7Hevron: Unarmed teen said she wanted to carry out attack
15:20 22/10times of israelIran praises Hamas for sticking to armed struggle against Israel
15:10 22/10arutz 7Netanyahu congratulates Barkat on 58th birthday
15:10 22/10times of israelSyria rocket fire: Not accidental after all?
15:05 22/10times of israelTolerance in an educational minefield
15:05 22/10times of israelBill that would protect PM from investigations hits coalition snag
15:00 22/10jerusalem online22.10.17 Morning news brief from Israel
15:00 22/10jewish pressShiloh Musings: Obviously There’s Hypocrisy in the Chareidi Claims About Value of Torah Study
14:55 22/10arutz 7Minister Ariel: Housing permits given, no construction
14:50 22/10jpostToyota Man – The Street Poet
14:50 22/10arutz 7Smotrich: Cancel hearing on JNF nationalization
14:45 22/10jerusalem onlineRussia: US-led coalition airstrikes on Raqqa ‘barbaric’
14:40 22/10jerusalem onlineRussia calls US-led coalition airstrikes on Raqqa ‘barbaric’
14:40 22/10arutz 7Policewoman who kicked haredim interrogated
14:35 22/10jewish pressArabs Boast 63 Babies Born from Terror Prisoners’ Artificial Insemination
14:35 22/10times of israelMinisters said to delay vote on repealing 2005 West Bank pullout
14:30 22/10times of israelNew negotiator for Israelis held in Gaza is right man for job, Netanyahu says
14:25 22/10times of israelMan arrested for taunting ultra-Orthodox protesters with pornography
14:20 22/10arutz 7MK Bitan:Supreme Court should exercise restraint
14:15 22/10jtaHebrew University organizes Buenos Aires cannabis conference
14:15 22/10jtaIsrael strikes 3 rocket launchers in Syria after 5 rockets from Syria land in Israeli territory
14:15 22/10arutz 7Gang of 4 thieves charged with numerous burglaries
14:15 22/10times of israelMinisters to vote on repealing 2005 West Bank pullout
14:15 22/10times of israelUS-allied force takes Syria’s largest oil field from Islamic State
14:10 22/10haaretzCorbyn snubs Balfour centennial celebration, slammed by U.K. Jewish group
14:05 22/10arutz 7Summer Time to end Saturday night
14:00 22/10jewish pressAnnals of Online Translations: Police Arrest Arab Worker over Mistranslated Facebook Post
14:00 22/10arutz 710 Lehava activists released
14:00 22/10arutz 76 stolen cars found in Binyamin area, 5 arrested
14:00 22/10haaretzLeader of Jewish extremist group arrested on suspicion of threatening Arabs
13:55 22/10arutz 710 Lehava activists released, Gopstein to court
13:55 22/10haaretzRussia slams U.S. for carpet bombing Raqqa the way it did Dresden in 1945
13:50 22/10jerusalem onlineYaron Blum appointed Israeli Coordinator of POWs and MIAs
13:50 22/10arutz 72% decrease in property demand over last 3 months
13:45 22/10jerusalem onlineYaron Bloom appointed Israeli Coordinator of POWs and MIAs
13:45 22/10arutz 76 stolen cars found in Binyamin area, 5 people arrested
13:45 22/10times of israelMy brother-in-law’s 24 unpleasant hours in Ankara airport
13:35 22/10jtaLiberman presses Mattis to focus on alliance of ‘moderates’ in Middle East
13:35 22/10arutz 721-year-old worker moderately injured
13:25 22/10jta‘Death to Jews’ written on door in Jerusalem’s Old City
13:20 22/10arutz 7MK Forer:No connection between bill and Eli academy
13:15 22/10arutz 710 Lehava activists released, Gopstein to be arraigned
13:15 22/10times of israelIran praises Hamas for sticking to struggle against Israel
13:10 22/10arutz 7Will ministerial legislative committee block Court?
13:00 22/10times of israelMinistry threatens Bezeq with NIS 11.3m fine for reform flaws
12:50 22/10times of israelTesco, Barclays look to Israel for disruptive tech via new JVP project
12:50 22/10times of israelSaudis crave revival of night out at the movies
12:45 22/10jerusalem onlineIran to continue supporting ‘Palestinian resistance’ against Israel
12:45 22/10arutz 7Court to discuss Lehava activists remand at 3:30 PM
12:45 22/10times of israelRussian opposition leader released from jail
12:40 22/10israel todayLies and Propaganda
12:40 22/10arutz 7Bennett: Less students studying law, more engineering
12:40 22/10times of israelParents and teachers should be on the same team
12:30 22/10arutz 7Revised indictment issued against Israeli model
12:30 22/10times of israelYuval Bronstein steps down as Azrieli Group CEO
12:20 22/10jpost"The Jewish people will never again stand defenceless"
12:20 22/10arutz 790-yr-old to be circumcised in Ukraine Jewish clinic
12:15 22/10jerusalem onlineNetanyahu appoints new chief negotiator for captive Israelis
12:15 22/10jpostFaith brings happiness – Fighting Faith creates misery
12:15 22/10jpostToyota Man - The Street Poet
12:15 22/10jpostOdd to Use "West Bank"
12:15 22/10jpostTalking to G-d
12:15 22/10jpostAfter Diplomas and Diapers
12:10 22/10arutz 73 injured in road 5 accident
12:05 22/10jewish press100-Year-Old Polish Woman Declared Righteous Among the Nations for Saving Jewish Girl
12:05 22/10arutz 7Texas town asks hurricane victims not to boycott Israel
12:00 22/10jerusalem onlineOp-Ed: When allies fight - America between a rock and a hard place
11:55 22/10arutz 7Jerusalem: 30-yr-old man found seriously injured
11:25 22/10arutz 7Bezeq fined 11.3 million NIS by Communications Ministry
11:20 22/10jewish press‘Death to the Jews,’ Swastika, Sprayed in Muslim Quarter
11:15 22/10arutz 7Goldin: Israel giving Hamas what it wants
11:15 22/10arutz 7Islam heads against normalization with Israel
11:15 22/10times of israelSwastika, ‘Death to Jews’ graffitied in Jerusalem’s Old City
11:15 22/10times of israelIsraeli tour guide killed in Kyrgyzstan car accident
11:05 22/10arutz 7Woman and 2 children hit by car on Mevaseret crosswalk
11:00 22/10jerusalem onlineIsraeli tour guide killed in Kyrgyzstan
11:00 22/10jewish press67 Arabs Arrested for Stealing Tons of Agricultural Produce from Jewish Village on Shabbat
11:00 22/10arutz 7Rabid cow found in Bet Shean valley community
10:50 22/10arutz 7Tnuva fined 25 million shekels for price fixing.
10:45 22/10arutz 7170,000 more Jewish documents found in Vilna church
10:45 22/10times of israelWoman accuses Roman Polanski of molesting her when she was 10
10:40 22/10arutz 7Caregiver arrested for alleged abuse of 85-yr-old woman
10:35 22/10jewish pressEnding Israel’s Abusive Relationships
10:30 22/10jerusalem onlineIs shooting from Syria really spillover fire?
10:30 22/10arutz 7Liberman promotes bill to shut down Eli yeshiva
10:30 22/10haaretzOhio State will not allow Richard Spencer to speak, citing safety concerns
10:25 22/10jewish pressEmes Ve-Emunah: An Unbridgeable Gap?
10:20 22/10arutz 7Name of tour guide killed in Kyrgyzstan released
10:15 22/10jewish pressGaza Report Shows 80% Below Poverty Line, 50% Unemployment
09:55 22/10times of israelIsraeli police arrest Palestinian for ‘good morning’ Facebook post
09:50 22/10jerusalem onlineUS optimistic about Palestinian unity, unlike Israel
09:50 22/10arutz 7Susia resident injured 2 wks ago in road accident dies
09:40 22/10arutz 73 arrested over brawl at TA basketball game
09:35 22/10haaretzU.S. sees possible opportunity in Palestinian reconciliation led by Egypt, White House official says
09:30 22/10haaretzHelping Israel or causing it harm? In wake of Texas anti-BDS incident, U.S. Jewish groups divided over boycott laws
09:20 22/10jewish pressStanding Up to Censorship at the Jordan Option Conference
09:15 22/10jewish pressCourted by Labor, Former Defense Minister Declares No Peace, No Settlement Demolitions
09:15 22/10arutz 7Israeli tour guide killed in Kyrgyzstan road accident
09:10 22/10arutz 7Turkish president: US is not a democracy
09:05 22/10arutz 7Gabbay: Jews could live under Palestinian sovereignty
09:05 22/10times of israel15 Jewish extremists arrested for threatening Arabs
09:00 22/10arutz 7Turkish president: US
08:50 22/10arutz 7Monument glorifying Saddam Hussein erected in Qalqilya
08:50 22/10times of israelUS: DNA test confirms top Filipino terror suspect is dead
08:45 22/10jewish pressSniper Rifle and Binoculars Found in Tel Aviv Hotel Room
08:45 22/10times of israelDirectors guild files disciplinary charges against Weinstein
08:35 22/10arutz 7Academic year commences Sunday
08:30 22/10jpostGreenblatt in the middle: Hamas, Israel and the sparring preconditions
08:30 22/10arutz 7Ben-Gvir:Police fall in line with far left groups
08:30 22/10times of israelIn Syrian barrage, a confident message signed by Iran and Russia
08:20 22/10arutz 7IDF nabs 70,000 NIS designated for terror activities
08:20 22/10arutz 7IDF forces arrest 4 suspects in Judea and Samaria
08:15 22/10arutz 7Former US presidents raised $$31m for hurricane victims
08:05 22/10arutz 7Lehava activists and leader Bentzi Gopstein arrested
07:35 22/10jewish pressWatch: Arab Terrorist Attacks 12-Year-Old Jewish Boy in Hevron
06:40 22/10arutz 7Deputy Hamas leader: We will never cut ties with Iran
05:50 22/10haaretzU.S. sees opportunity in Palestinian reconciliation led by Egypt, White House official says
05:45 22/10times of israelAs Conservative movement reasserts intermarriage ban, many rabbis ask why
05:10 22/10arutz 7DNA tests confirm death of Filipino ISIS leader
05:05 22/10times of israelAll 5 former presidents appear together for hurricane relief
05:00 22/10haaretz#AnaKaman (#MeToo)
04:55 22/10haaretzCatalan leader compares Spanish prime minister to fascist dictator Franco
04:35 22/10haaretz#وأنا كمان (#MeToo)
04:15 22/10times of israelDairy mammoth Tnuva to pay NIS 25 million for price fixing — report
04:10 22/10haaretzConceptiyahu
04:05 22/10jewish pressMind-blowing EU CHUTZPAH!
04:05 22/10arutz 7Israel condemns Egypt terror attack
03:25 22/10times of israelReturning to Iran, Japanese artist finds his oil sculpture ‘frozen in time’
03:20 22/10haaretzPrivatizing the prosecution
03:15 22/10arutz 7Will northern Samaria communities be re-established?
03:10 22/10times of israelWHO head ‘rethinking’ goodwill ambassador role for Mugabe
02:45 22/10times of israelNew Czech leader rules out coalition with far-right party
02:25 22/10jewish pressDaily Mail Columnist Warns Britain’s Jews Facing Exodus to Israel
02:25 22/10haaretzWest Bank could hold another 1-2 million Jewish settlers, former Israeli defense chief says
01:55 22/10times of israelAfter Raqqa falls, Trump says defeat of IS ‘in sight’
01:05 22/10times of israelIsraeli boy, 12, injured in rock attack at Hebron spring
00:50 22/10haaretzPolish woman, 100, who saved Jewish girl during Holocaust named Righteous Among the Nations
00:30 22/10times of israelIsrael condemns deadly attack on Egyptian policemen
00:25 22/10times of israelIsrael condemns deadly attack on Egyptian policeman
00:15 22/10arutz 7Singer Mordechai Ben David visits Rabbi Berland
00:15 22/10times of israelEager for the US to pull out of UNESCO?
00:10 22/10times of israelQuitting UNESCO seems like a great idea
00:00 22/10times of israelEgypt says 16 policemen killed in shootout with Islamists
23:50 21/10times of israelEgypt says 16 policemen killed in shootout with
23:40 21/10arutz 7Arabs steal at least 25 tons of produce from Jewish greenhouses
23:35 21/10times of israelJewish soprano takes on Trump in absurdist opera piece
23:30 21/10times of israelTrump to allow release of JFK assassination files
23:10 21/10jpostPeace conditions
23:10 21/10times of israelDiscovery of 9.7 million-year-old teeth could ‘rewrite human history’
23:05 21/10arutz 7No hurricane relief for those boycotting Israel
22:55 21/10times of israelEisenkot heads to DC to meet other army chiefs on counter-terrorism
22:45 21/10jerusalem onlineWatch: Palestinian throws stone at 12-year-old boy
22:40 21/10arutz 7Subway art in memory of Holocaust victims
22:25 21/10arutz 7Tzipi Livni promises not to build settlements
22:25 21/10haaretzKelly’s toxicity corrodes confidence in Trump’s generals as Guardians of the Galaxy
22:10 21/10times of israelTrump to allow release of Kennedy assassination files
21:50 21/10times of israelHuge crowds protest as Spain moves to sack Catalan government
21:45 21/10jewish pressNetanyahu Rejects IDF Choices for Military Secretary, Wants Commander Who Told Troops to Fight in God’s Name
21:40 21/10jewish pressNetanyahu Rejects IDF Choices for Military Secretary, Wants Commander Who Told Troops to Fight in Name of Hashem
21:25 21/10haaretzWest Bank hospital chief: Israeli army fired tear gas into compound
21:20 21/10jerusalem onlineIDF: If spillover continues, we will intensify response
21:20 21/10times of israel‘Czech Trump’ clinches election victory, far-right boosted
21:15 21/10times of israelMeretz chief promises to quit politics if she fails to open party ranks
21:10 21/10jewish press12-Year-Old Jewish Boy Wounded in Hebron Stoning
21:00 21/10arutz 7Promoting art and culture from the periphery
20:55 21/10times of israelIsrael believes rocket fire from Syria may have been deliberate
20:50 21/10times of israelPM appoints new chief negotiator for release of Israelis held in Gaza
20:40 21/10jerusalem onlineErdoğan: US cannot be called civilized
20:35 21/10haaretzEarly Czech election results signal shift to right