1.                 GENERAL

The killing was recorded by a Palestinian TV  cameraman, on September 30, 2000,  and broadcasted all over the world, blaming Israeli soldiers for doing it deliberately - by a professional sniper who saw exactly the target of his shooting.

Since then,  this  scenario is used for unleashed anti-Israeli  and anti-Jewish propaganda in the well-known pattern of  TSW  - TV-Supported-Warfare.

The undersigned initiated a professional investigation of the case, based on his long-time experience in complex systems analysis, military operations research and combat activities under fire (see  shortened CV).



2.                 THE HARD FACTS

2.1                                     Confirmed by all sides: Israeli soldiers were confined to one outpost across the junction, at a distance of 110m from the victim and an angle of 30 degrees from  the brick  wall at the point where the boy and his father took shelter behind a concrete barrel. At this time, Palestinian outposts were dispersed all over the area - in front and behind the victim.


2.2                                     Confirmed by official representative  of the Palestinian Authority on channel 2 of Israeli TV - Oct. 31, 2000: The boy was killed by one bullet which entered his body from the front and left the body from his back (therefore no bullet was found in the boy's body).


2.3                                     The cameraman returned to the  scene of the event the day after,  and confirmed: the barrel behind which the boy took shelter was of concrete (not of sheet-metal), therefore no rifle-bullet could penetrate it from side to side ("Haaretz" newspaper, Nov. 7, 2000).



2.4                                     The film taken by the Palestinian cameraman revealed on the wall the only hole of the bullet  which penetrated the boy's body.


2.5                                     All the auxiliary facts, including  recorded noises, only support  the hereinafter conclusions.



3.                 CONCLUSIONS

3.1                                     The hole revealed on the brick wall behind  the boy's body, after he fell on the pavement, is the only evidence of a bullet which penetrated his body, as declared by the PA representative.


3.2                                     The location of the killing-bullet-hole is well inside the space protected from Israeli outpost sniper by the concrete barrel (see drawing attached).


3.3                                      The killing-bullet-hole could  be caused only by a sniper facing the boy from the front (behind the bushes at the back of the cameraman),  and the noise recorded by the cameraman before the boy was seen dead  was of a very near-by weapon, with a sound quite different from the shooting heard before, from distanced outposts.


3.4                                     The armed outposts facing the boy from the front were manned only by Palestinians. Therefore, only  they could have killed the boy.  The same holds true for the bullets which wounded the boy's father: he was so deeply hidden in the corner between the wall and barrel - that only bullets shot from the front could hit him, and in no way  could they be bullets from the Israeli outpost which was at an angle of 30 degrees from the wall. It was impossible even from an angle of 43 degrees.


3.5                                     This behavior  of moslem militants is completely compatible with their old tradition  of sacrificing their own people for a political purpose defined  by their leader as the will of Allah. This makes them automatically holy martyrs - "Shahids" - gaining respect  from all their society towards the martyr and his family.  It is also known that suicide-bombers caught before explosion  by Israeli police  confessed that they were promised and believed that after their martyr's  death, they would become a "Shahid" who is entitled  to be a honorable guest in paradise.


3.6                                     Also compatible with moslem militants' beliefs is that  telling outright  lies is legitimate - if they are used against an enemy. Such is the lie they produced and spread worldwide - to accuse Israeli soldiers as heartless killers of innocent children. The last example of such behavior was seen on worldwide TV networks, when Yasser Arafat himself  demanded protection of his people from Israeli attacks, by repeating  again and again the outrageous lie regarding who starts  these attacks, when  all the world could see how his people initiate the  shooting and stone-throwing against Israeli civilians and soldiers, who react only in self-defense.









4.1       Israeli defense strategy didn’t catch up with the contemporary developments in TV-supported-warfare. It seems that nobody learned the lesson since the defeat of General Somoza in Nicaragua – July 1979.                                                            It’s a well known fact that the Palestinian Authority offers $ 2000 to every family whose child is killed in the new “intifada” (Jerusalem Post – Oct.6, 2000 ).

This is part of their child-recruitment practice, which is revealed again and again, when their officials order the closing of schools and send pupils of all ages to confront Israeli positions.

Child-recruitment is an international crime, and Israel has to sue those responsible for it in the proper judicial organs, including  the issue  of arrest orders against them, wherever they can be caught.




4.2       There are ways to fight aggression without providing a scene for TV-supported-warfare which the Palestinian authority people are looking for in every confrontation. The methodology of such warfare has to be worked out by appropriate Israeli organs. It reaches far beyond pure military tactics and has to be based on ideological, political, economical and psychological means as well.






4.3       As an example of political means to discourage the sending of “innocent civilians” to be killed in confrontation with Israeli soldiers, it is necessary to refer to the political goal of the PA  doing it: the more of their people will be killed, the stronger will be the demand to send an “international army” to defend them.

Behind such an “army” the PA hopes to revive the conditions in which their predecessors succeeded in the first phase of the 1948 war in  bringing  the Israeli defense forces to the verge of defeat on the main fronts: their attacks on Israeli towns, villages and roads were launched from behind the protection of British forces who carried out the policy of their anti-Israeli government.

The government of Israel has to make clear: the 1948 conditions will never return. Every foreign representative of a “force to protect Palestinians” – will be expelled on the spot. Therefore, forget about inviting such a force by means of killed Palestinians.


4.4       In scientific research of ways to save man-and-technology systems from running out of control, the undersigned disclosed a phenomenon called “surviving power of failures” ( page 52 in the book “Out of Running Mad Systems”).

When it happens, the power of perpetuating the failure overcomes that of correction. It seems that this phenomenon has prevailed  in Israeli strategic planning for over 2 decades, so only a general re-education of strategy-planning organs will be able to upgrade the conventional defense theories into contemporary ways of warfare.





Joseph  Doriel,  Ing.

Management & Development  Consulting Eng.

P.O. Box 21131, Tel-Aviv, Israel 61211, Telefax 972-3-605-9999





JOSEPH DORIEL   Industrial Management Consulting Engineer.


EDUCATION:      Haifa Institute of Technology

                                    Industrial Management Engineering – 1952

                                    Military Operations Research – 1958


AUTHOR:              “Management Systems Reports” – 1971

                                    “National Security of Israel” – 1973

                                    (Included scientific prediction of the Yom-Kippur War).

                                    “Systems Madness” – 1981 (man-machine systems running mad)

                                    “Out of running-mad systems” – 1996

                                    Managing out-of-control, self-destructing organizations.



1985-1994                   Director General, Israel Institute of Productivity

(equivalent to Deputy Minister in government), in charge of improving efficiency and introducing modern management systems in all levels of management.


1981-1984                   Chairman, Public Management Efficiency Board, for improving efficiency  in government and public sector.

                                    Chairman, Israel Association of Management Consultants.


1956-1980                   Senior Partner, The Functional Planning Company, Ltd., Management and development consultants. Clients include: leading Industrial enterprises, Government Ministers, Israel Aircraft Industries, Bus companies, Israel Railways, El Al Airlines, Israel Army, Navy and Air Force.         .


1953-1955                   Head of Production Planning and Control – Weapons Sector – Israel Military Industries.                                                 

1952-1953                   Production Engineer in Israel Military Industries, in charge of the “UZI” submachine gun project.


SERVICE:              Israel War of Independence 1947-1949: Fighting local and foreign terrorist gangs continuing with Arab regular armies who invaded the new-born State of Israel.  Awarded with a Letter of Appreciation for courage and competence in battles. Continued with the founders of the Israeli Air Force, in combat air-crew.


ACHIEVEMENTS:   Development and implementation of  mathematical models for: 1) Functional Town-Planning, 2) Military Activities; Initiation and planning of the Western-Negev Agro-Industrial Center; worldwide patented Parking Control System without parking meters; development of applied Strategic Paradigms (including early warning of PM Rabin from  the Oslo Accords).